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Thursday, November 10, 2011

I'M BACK!!!!

I spent the day venue hopping and it was a lot of fun. I had forgotten just how much fun it was. Seeing new places, hearing new performers, and seeing old friends.

I started out at Kameleonz, what a wonderful Aussie Pub. While there I had the pleasure of listening to Saintess Larnia. As many times as I have seen this woman at different venues and have heard other performers mention how good she is, yet I had never actually listened to her.What a wonderfully delightful strong voice. I am looking forward to see her more often. I stuck around to hear MarkSeery Melodie. I truly enjoyed listening to him, but when he brought out the bagpipes it was awesome. I had a hard time holding my feet still.

I went on to Guthries, always a favorite stop and had a chance to see Dottie. Then on to Kickin Club. It is always so much fun to see friends I haven't seen in a while. While at Kickin, I had listened to another performer I had not heard before, but will look to hear him again.....Glenn Bunjie. He has that just rough enough voice to draw you in and hold you.

Time for another new venue for me. Waffles Music Agency. What a wonderfully fun place to visit. There is only one word I can use to describe the performer that I listened to there....Dje Atolia....that word is WOW!!!! After that I got to hear my friends Wolf n Hawk. These are two very special people.

I went on to Cameo Music Park where Sasinq was celebrating her three week anniversary. Congratulations Sas! While there I caught the end of Stela Rajal though I could not understand a word she sang---after all I am linguistically challenged (even with English)--can't even remember French from High school....but the sound of her voice was amazing. Stayed for Donny Collazo...this is a crooner no one should miss...his voice is soooo smooth.

I was ready to dance and went on to Smokin ACES. Rocky is ready for winter. This is always a fun venue, and Rocky continually outdoes himself. This is a venue that supports Toys for Tots in every way, donating all venue tips right now to Toys for Tots. While there I saw Brixton Canning, another wow. SL has had some great country singers and Brixton does not disappoint......the kind of voice I could listen to all night.

I had every intention of leaving after Brixton....but though I needed to head down to the kitchen (hoping my dinner doesn't burn) but then ElvisAronPresley Lisa came on.....I am a hard one to impress with Elvis impersonators. This guy is good though. If you love Elvis, this is the performer to see!!!!

Smiles and then hunger took over. It was so good to be back though!!!!

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