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Sunday, November 6, 2011


It has been so long that I feel as though I owe you all an explanation. Unfortunately, due to some rl health issues, I have had to make some changes. It was a bitter pill to swallow; I had to go through my self pity stage where I kind of hid away from the world. The acceptance of it has settled in though and then I had to take stock of exactly what it meant to me. Many of you may have heard that the Halloween Party at BS's was the last big hurrah for awhile and that BS's was closing for a while. This is true with the exception of one Saturday night slot. I chose to do this simply because I am ---the sad (at least to me) part is that I have to move back to the bitter cold of Illinois after waiting so many years to leave it. There is a treatment program that I need to go through and I refuse to change doctors as where I am now is one of the best in country, but they want me closer for monitoring through this program. From all I am hearing, the side effects can be rough which will lead to many more bad days mixed in with the good. I can not, in all fairness to performers and fans, run a scheduled venue. I am afraid of having to cancel too much on them to be dependable. On the flip side, I am currently talking someone to run BS's for me. If this works out, BS's will reopen. I will keep you updated.

Now I have to say, it seems like everytime I do take the time to log inworld....laughing there is always something going on with the music community. So much of it is so positive.

Two years ago, I held two different meetings--one with venue owners and one with performers. I came up with, what I still believe is an awesome idea, but extremely time consuming to do on a large scale. Recently, I have had the pleasure of speaking with a venue owner that had attended one of those meetings. He, in turn, was explaining to me that he did walk away with thinking outside the box and also between the things I had said and some ideas that another performer had discussed with him, put together a venue that was his experiment. I believe that it is one of the most successful live music venues in SL. Continually showcasing the best and biggest of SL performers; the times I have visited it, always packed. Yet this venue has a zero budget. It goes to show that thinking outside the box and becoming flexible is a very good thing. Possibly if more venues were to think outside the box, there would not be as many venues going through the revolving door process.

I will be putting together two major projects for the music community. I am hoping as they come together and either myself or others that I am working with reach out that the music community comes together to do something absolutely wonderful.

Another venue owner has put together a sister wall so to speak for venues to work together. One of the projects I will be working on with others is also a way for venues to come together. As details and how to's get worked out I will be posting more information.

Starting this next week I will be back to venue hopping and seeking out the newest performers, still determined to hear, at least once, every performer in SL. Look for these updates and I promise they won't be spaced so far apart.

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