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Monday, November 21, 2011


Finally a Directory for venues and a complete resource for the music community is up and running.

I am going to just copy and paste the notecards that were sent out.

After so much discussion in the past about a directory for venues, it is finally being put together.
A website is being created, similar to SecondRaters, but without a rating system.
Each Venue will have it’s own page. All of the information will be included, the exception being tips or paying which will only be represented by a T or P or B at the bottom of a page. This will assist managers as they seek out venues for the performers they represent. You will each be given the link to pass along as well as a direct link to your venue page.

If things change, i.e. you are haunted for the Halloween season, we will try to keep your page updated with this info.

If your venue closes, please let us know so that we can keep this directory as updated as possible.

Please keep in mind that this will not be the location to post events at your venue, we all have enough places to do that. If your venue maintains kiosks for fundraisers that are transparent and accountable....i.e. RFL, Toys For Tots, etc., we will be happy to include that information on your page.

Please fill out the attached nc and rename it with your venue name and return it to me.

Your venue will be entered as soon as we receive it.

There is a page also put together for management to list themselves, as well as a page for stream companies and other things a performer may need (i.e. ani's, tip jars, instruments, etc)

And the notecard to turn in:

Information Needed:

Venue Name:
Owner Name:
Contact Person for Booking:
Date Venue Established:
Tips or Paying or Both Venue:
Dress Code:
Sim Rating:

Brief paragraph describing venue:


Please attach a logo texture:

You can paste that into a nc and submit it to Still Braveheart inworld

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