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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I hope those in the US had a wonderful Thanksgiving. To everyone though, no matter where you are in the world, each of us have so very many things to give thanks for. We tend to take for granted so many things. There is not a thing in our lives that does not deserve thanks. Even when the road before us is tough and we can't see our way....the fact that we were able to get up that morning and face that world, or hide from that world---however you react to it...the bottom line is that you were able to get up that morning and have the ability to choose. All too often we are reminded of those that have the choice taken from them. I do not know all of the people that the music community has lost, or any other community in SL, but for those I did know...LoneWolf55 and Syn...know that you are both in my prayers, as I am sure so many of you do as well. Every now and then, remember to stop and give thanks for the things you do have, the people in your lives and the people that have touched your life; I know I do and have to remind myself to give thanks for the things we take so easily for granted.

On to what I have seen this past week. I took one of the days and went venue hopping. This is always such fun for me.

Sound Berlin first time I listened to Pilgrim75 Swashbuckler. Wow how did i go so long without hearing him....I have truly missed a lot. Sound Berlin is the kind of venue that gives you a warm comfortable feeling.....A place I would want to hang out with and without the live performers.

On to Ocean Live Music Under the Sea, my good friends Tia and Remy had Gina Gracemont there, another woman that I just love listening to and a really fun performance. I stayed to hear a newer Performer Billie1465 Tigerpaw..impressive ....had me dancing in my will be fun to watch him grow in SL.

On to another favorite....Lost Lovers Dancing Club....always a great crowd...listening to Rafaella Docherty.....listen to her if you get a chance....she does a wide range that truly keeps you entertained. Lost Lovers another venue working for children this holiday season....with Toys for Tots.

The PureLife Lodge what a great venue....I loved the waterfalls. I was able to hear Constantius Warbaum.....ya know I have a friend that melts with the sound of a good voice, well today for the first time I understood that Ladies if you have not heard him -- run do not stop at go, just get there and you will know what i mean. Sorry ladies it is a listen don't touch...he is very happily taken. PureLife Lodge, another venue doing all they can for Toys4Tots.

A close friend of mine sent me a message to join her at Bonaire Estates Beach Club, Grotto Nightclub....I adore underwater venues they are absolutely beautiful. Dancing with fish swimming around me. I had the pleasure of listening to Seamore Wildehart.....another musician to watch, for he is great.

Another day...smiling more venues this is fun. You should try it, so many wonderful venues, so many wonderful performers, so many wonderful people.

Started at Chez Roz, another awesome Toys4Tots venue. I love the way the music community has come together to support this and keep the magic in the holidays for those children that may not otherwise have it.

I apologize for being so adamant about this fundraiser, for there are many worthwhile heart wrenching fundraisers that strive to make a difference in people's lives, whether it be through research, providing help and resources to those struck by some form of tragedy. At the same time there is one part of the world that can not speak for themselves, can't vote, can't choose, yet always seem to pay the price of the adults...and I personally do not know of one child that has asked to be brought into this world or voluntarily done things to cause them daily sufferage whether it be through economic times, abuse, or a form of a devastating disease, yet all to often many pay the price of adults in so many ways, Toys4Tots is just one way to give to a silent community that continues to pay the price of adults. ok off my soapbox, I am just the sort that has stood up for kids for almost as long as I can remember.

While at Chez Roz, a classy elegant ambiance gives you such a warm feeling, I had the opportunity to hear a favorite performer and a very good friend, Nigel Palmer whether you listen to him once or daily, his voice will blow you away. This is an extremely talented songwriter, he has some of the very best originals, as well as an awesome musician and voice. He keeps his audience involved doing both his own music and will also do backing tracks...either way he is awesome.

Stopped in at Tayla's "Palm Springs Live Music" to hear Whirli Placebo. Soo early for me, I marveled at the energy. Listening to a combination of Whirli's originals and Dillon what a great way to start the day.

So often these days I am seeing venues working together to give each other and live music exposure. Tayla's is a venue that does just that....besides having the tropical theme that makes me forget that it is almost time for snow by my rl house.....Tayla also has a musical friends board made up of many different live music venues and lm's to each of them.

As always the music community amazes me. I watch the Christmas Expo site for RFL and see the performers once again giving of their time and talents, the venues donating their services. The large number of venues and performers that are diligently working for Toys4Tots. Whether you are chairing a committee for the organization, or volunteering your services to help those chairs, or making a donation or item. Feed a Smile, another ongoing fundraiser. Each of you gives of your time, your money, your hearts.....I am truly proud to be a small part of this community, its compassion for its fellow man is sooo overwhelming. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this community.

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