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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


What started out as an idea for a venue directory is becoming even more.

SLMUSICVENUES opened on the 21st of November. The amount of people stopping in has been staggering. Thirty-three venues are listed already with more coming. Quite often though what can start as one idea grows. The directory is growing to include all the different tools and resources that a performer could use, or a fan could use. For performers there is a page for management companies to list themselves. A page for tools such as instruments, streams, animations, tip jars etc. For fans that would like to keep up with the events going on, there is a page for groups to list themselves. (Please keep in mind,that the group page is not for individual performers groups or event notices)

Recently a venue owner asked how much it would cost to place their venue on the site. They were a bit surprised but happy when the answer came back .... nothing. There is not a cost associated with any listings on the site. No advertisement will be sold. It is done solely to bring the music community together in one place, a one stop resource for the many different aspects of the live music community with the exception of the performers. There is another site already in place for all performers to be listed and it is kept up to date.

If you have a live music venue or offer a service in the live music community, submitting the information only take a couple of minutes.

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