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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Second Life never a dull moment....and some... it is like a broken record.

In between putting up a campsite, I kept getting im's  we were back to the cover charge system debate.  Hmmm sort of like listening to broken record.  Though I have to admit, it prompted quite a bit of intelligent conversation and has made people think about ways to do things differently. Well intelligent conversation, until it went against what the original poster wanted to accomplish,  Then we all became evil and mud slinging began.

Thank you to the many that worked hard to keep it civil.  There have been some wonderful ideas and suggestions that have come out of those conversations, and I am so interested in learning how the different ideas turn out .  Split tip jars is one that I heard some good initial feedback on.  It will be interesting to know whether the venue and the performer are using a mutual agreed upon tip jar that both can see what was brought in or if one is trusting the other to use their own tip jar.  This would work well if all tips are seen in hover text.  Many performers and venues do not display totals though so it is solely on the other's word.  That is something I would question not with most but just like anything else there are always one or two.  Wondering if there is a way to let both parties know when tips come in so that both parties have the opportunity to thank the person donating. There are many questions that will come up with any new will only be by answering those questions that each of us will be able to make informed decisions.

Many of you may remember about three years ago when I presented to both venue owners and about 400 performers an idea I had.  At the time I was working with someone that I did not completely trust so I never released any of the research I had done nor gone forward with it.  At the time, the performers were so willing to try it.  Lately, I have had a number of performers ask me about that plan.  I still believe with all my heart that it is a win for performers, venues, fans, and other avenues of sl.  I will also say that it is a large undertaking and I can not do it alone.  I am willing to train and get staff going...giggles change the name from Oristill and put focus on to it.

At the same time, now that Relay For Life is winding down I am also going back to a full line up 4-5 days aweek.  I am soooo excited about getting back to the venue and to venue hopping again.  I loved working with the team, there was an added benefit to it all, I gained exposure to some of the more international venues and heard some wonderful music that I am looking forward to bringing to the venue as well.

It will be good to put my focus back on the everyday of the community that I love so very much.


  1. When we did the split tip jar with Mankind Tracer, we used a script with a predetermined split percentage and tested the tip jar prior to the show. As the tips went into his tip jar, the determined percentage immediately was sent to me. It worked really well for us and the script eliminated any concerns I had about the splitting after the fact. We are considering trying this again in the future with other artists.

    1. Thea!!!! hugs...Thank you soo much for your feedback. I will be truly interested in how this continues to work out. One thing I was wondering....if the performer is normally set fee, lets say that tips alone do not cover that amount....wondering if the performers would accept that or if you are to make up the difference. I love this concept.