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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


WOW What a month it has been.   So much going on that this is truly the first time I have had a chance to even look at the blog.

Where to begin....hmmmm....guess where I left off is as good a place as any.

So much went on both on the team and in the music community.   so sit back in your chair....there is some reading ahead of you.  Chuckles, though I will try to break it up between a couple of different blogs.

I left off with heading into the Originals weekend.  What a weekend it was!!!!  July 23rd was a full line up at the Source....another venue not on the team.....but giggles maybe we can adopt them....A great venue, great line up and culminating with some very special friends that I had the pleasure of meeting at Nashville....The Follow.  Gar thank you sooo much.  The second day of the originals  weekend was at Accoustic Meadow where Lizzy and Alexxis had another awesome line up.  A total of 16.5 hours of originals by sl performers....all i can say is WOW!!!! and thank you.

Now I get to brag a bit....two days later I was on my way to Iowa.....where i got to see the most beautiful granddaughter say hello to the world.  But needless to say...laptop was with me...though I was not in world too much, I was able to make it in that weekend for the International Song Contest at Echoes of the Past.  Chance did a wonderful job in putting that together and raised over 70k in an hour of voting....Congratulations to all the represented the music community and your countries in such an awesome manner.  You are all winners....but with that said I also have to give a congratulations to TORAN BABENCO of the United States receiving the most votes and therefore raising the most lindens for RFL and MIRGAN CANARE from Germany for coming in second place.  Great job by everyone, you truly made a difference!!!!

Also on the 30th the Global Music Fest began.  Cancer is global and so is music, so between many different venues, music representing many different areas of the world was played.  CE SOIR "TONIGHT started us out with French and Cajun.....the music of KevinBlue and the lovely French songstress Lisa Brune.  On to  LA MORADA DE CAMPANILLA they took us to HORUS' FRIENDS., with the Spanish speaking countries of the much as I tried to be there...with a new baby around and a bit of problem because well sl was being sl...I did not make it there....that is one that I had looked so forward to...though I was not familiar with many of the line up...rounding it off was Horus, and many of you know from past blogs, I believe him to be one of the most talented pianists in sl.  Sunday July 1, was the second day of the Global Music Fest.  Unfortunately, due to rl issues the European branch had to be cancelled.  The Village Cafe though did a wonderful job with the North American branch, having both performers from Canada and the is so appropriate to wave the Canadian Flag as it was also Canada Day.....We skipped a couple of days and met back at Gwampa's Dance Kamp bringing in the Japanese part of the world.  I have said it before and I will say it again,,,,If you have not had a chance to see are truly missing something absolutely wonderful.

Smiles have you had enough yet?  Stay tuned for the next blog. 

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