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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Did you take that break?  Grab something to drink...something to munch on...time to get comfy again.  The next couple of weeks was a roller coaster.  When I arrived back home from my daughter's house, it was time to truly hit the ground running.  The end of Relay was in site...that meant a campsite.  On a team of music...building can prove to be a challenge, so we did what we do ....a stage a dance floor...that is every single venue on the team....instruments....Though it brought a chuckle.  People watched a dance floor go up and almost immediately started iming me about what events we had planned.  Giggles, as venue owners we strive hard to keep lag to a minimum so that our guests can dance and performers can play without too much of a problem.  Unfortunately, lag was so bad on these sims before they opened up to the public, that planning an event would have been foolish on our part.  The campsite was set up that way to represent the very team it was.  In keeping with the theme of the year,, we did a timeline.  A timeline of cancer and of music.  Turns out they are close to the very same age, though cancer is older as it was found in fossils from the dinosaur age.  So walls were built depicting the era it represented with pictures of things both representing the music in that decade and medical advancements in cancer.  Timelines intertwined was included in signs.  If people took the time to read each one....they were all extremely informative.  The research that went into the timelines was amazing....I learned sooo very much.  Because one had to go to many different sources to truly get all the information regarding cancer, it was quite a learning experience.  It also showed me just how many organizations out there are fighting the battle against cancer.  I am of the train of thought that ultimately...just like RFL is many small teams each ultimately a part of one large team.  The many different organizations are no different...many organizations all fighting the same battle, ultimately all one team.  Some of those organizations are very impressive.  The American Cancer Society is extremely impressive.  Many countries have very impressive organizations.  I wish I was wealthy enough to give to each.  There is one though that is right in my own backyard besides the American Cancer Society that I also found to truly astound me.  Maybe because in the music community it hits home...but the entertainment community has also formed an organization called Stand Up 2 Cancer.   Regardless of the many different names of the organizations out is still boils down to ONE TEAM...ONE DREAM,,,,,to be cancer free.  On a separate note, in going through the timeline with music is also a walk down memory lane.  Even though the scientific side of cancer is in there, you can't help but smile as you walk back through the days of Ol Blue Eyes, Woodstock, songs that touched places inside each of us.

There are some people that should be recognized for the work they put into the campsite, Starry Bosch...on hand to build whatever we needed.  Chance Caldwell terraforming a lovely parcel, and Sam55 Chester.....that woman can whip up textures so well.  Also contributing to the many textures, Liz Harley, Precious Rallier, Grace Mcdonnough.  Giggles left up to me....we would still be waiting on the first texture.  Though I promise to learn by next year.  Pammie Warrior, Johnny Paramour, Sam55 and Starry Bosch your committment to relaying was WOW.  Even when I could not do it (sorry I was a bit sick getting ready for the dr on Monday) I don't think Pammie ever left.  Thea came out to the campsite and spent quite a bit of time with us....I do believe this woman is an adopted member of the team.  Syl Darcy took some amazing pictures of the campsite.

Now besides the time building the campsite, the team overall stayed busy....Precious and I learned some modeling techniques.  Giggles keep in mind that I am a modeling and me do not go together well.  I waited to actually walk off the stage....though Precious assured me she had me tied to her so I could and I made it through it.  Learning this proved to be a an experience in translation.  I used a translator...which proved well in other events as well...I just changed to language to Japanese.  The downside to translators is that all it translates is local chat.  It also does not translate what others say, so though what I needed to say could be translated...quite often I was not aware of what others were saying.

The first SL Music Relayer Pagent was born.  A special congratulations to the winners: Miss Music Relayer Vicky Laloix, 1st Runner Up Lauryn Bellic, 2nd Runner Up  Dalla Rayner also to Mr Music Relayer Alej Klaber, 1st Runner Up  Juank.Art, 2nd Runner Up  Elkiyo de Hayde.  Thank you to team members Chance Caldwell & Rebeca Avila as well as MariviGC Adamczyk and Lucia Brune for organizing this event.

Going into the last weekend before Relay weekend we also had Venues Gone Wild.  Though they kept their same line up and performers, all venue tips went to RFL.  Some performers at the venues also joined in and did not put out their tip jars.  Our last event of Music thru Time...took place at Under the Willows, with a look at the future, tying environmental issues in as well.

Then on to Relay Weekend.  The Campsite was built, the events done and we were ready.  We entered Relay weekend just short of 4 million lindens, within two hours we had hit that 4 million mark, with many iming me asking what we could do to hit 5 million.  Lo and behold our own Pammie Warrior and Johnny Paramour after spending much of the weekend at the track, while I was headed back out of town (time for those pesty tests and procedures again), put together an event bringing in over 100,000 linden.

Though I am just now home again and catching up with everything, many pictures have been posted to the team's facebook page:

Winking at you.....smiling mischieveiously....guess what???  you can still help us hit that 5 million mark by donating at the following link....whether it be 1 dollar, 10 dollars, or 50 dollars...every single dollar helps!!!!

Before you say "I can't today"  something to think about-- My time in Iowa holding this beautiful new granddaughter and welcoming her into the world, looking at that precious little face made me realize something that hit home hard.  Though we fight for those who are survivors and caregivers, remember those we have lost to this insidious desease.....the real reason for doing this was held in my arms....protecting future generations.  To allow them to grow and flourish without ever having to deal with the word turn it into a word in the history books.  Ultimately it is the future that we do this for.  So look at children, grandchildren think about their children and remember the pain this disease has given each of us in some way....lets gather together so they never have to feel this pain.

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