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Thursday, September 3, 2015


I can't hold it in.  I was going to write last night but then realized I was too upset and not have chosen my words carefully.  So I waited and found that I was still bothered by this attitude when I woke up this morning.  Yesterday, it was one of the very few times that I was thoroughly disappointed, and actually made me step back and think about the live music venues in sl.  When I approached venue owners about participating in the Stand Up To Cancer, Most gave a resounding yes, many wanted to think about it.....I can understand that, as a venue owner I always looked at the fundraisers I was asked to do, the transparency and accountability etc.  To be honest, there were only one or two I ever did.  We all know that I had been given the opportunity to lead the world's greatest team into RFL of SL, and how well they did.  Most also knew that when I learned about the misleading statements, which they have since altered (yet still gave no answers), that I apologized to the team and publicly apologized for leading them down that path.  I stepped down from RFL of SL, asking if anyone would take my place, no one wanted to step up and take the responsibility of being a captain of the best team in the world.  In people's defense, I must say that I am in a unique position and have both the time and work ethics that can be needed.....not everyone has that kind of time. So I researched as many of you know, to find the most transparent, accountability organization I could.  That involved watching reading, pouring over the actual tax forms (many are not aware that they are actually available for public viewing, if one just researches).

I watched Stand Up 2 Cancer for a couple of years and was thoroughly impressed with the way they do things, the transparency and accountability for what they do.  That to me with any non-profit is paramount.

Many venues and performers have questioned me on the organization, I have always been happy to answer and to refer them to the site for more answers.  Those same venues and performers then make up their own minds as to whether they care to participate or not.  I don't like or dislike them more or less for their decision.  Everyone has a right to their decisions.  I think what, pardon the language, totally pissed me off was a major venue in sl at first stating that they wanted to think about it.  Coming back then saying they wanted to participate, when it actually came time to do a line up backed out of it only wanting a kiosk, and then last night going through an interrogation with the other half of the venue....Ok it was their choice....the answer was still an easy yes or no.  Instead though I got the we want a sign that directs people to the did not matter that I offered the geographical areas for people to donate....none of that was important and he did not want a kiosk for lindens.  but and this is what totally pissed me off that is he told me that the reason they would do this at all was for the impact the donors could have on their venue.  He did not say one word of concern about his many guests that feel strongly or the very performers that he hires many of whom have loved loved ones or fought their own battles, all that mattered was the impact it would have on his venue.  My jaw hit the ground.  As a person that is battling my own cancer, I took that as a slap in the face, when all he could care about was the impact that promoting Stand Up To Cancer would give his venue.  I am not a a name caller......but the words obnoxious, selfish come to mind.

I come from corporate America, and unfortunately I know that is the way much of the world thinks, hopefully they are wise enough to keep it to themselves, and not tell the people that put their whole hearts into something because cancer is so devastating to so very many, and also means so much to many of their guests and performers that appear and visit that venue.  My thoughts are that I really do not care if they would to participate or not.  It brought thoughts that said to me, he is afraid of a kiosk because it may take lindens from their own venue tips.  I was both insulted and disgusted by this conversation.  I also know that I am normally a very good tipper to the venues I visit, but this is one venue that will never see a dime from me again.  LOL maybe needing some people skills training.

I will redo the press release and remove the venues that can not participate....but also know that most with the exception of this one, had a rl emergency...unfortunately with a death in the family to losing the sim.  I love them all and know that we can not control those things.  There are only two venues that will kiosks only and that is simply because they do not hold any sort of events.  Maybe this other venue should realize that it is called SL CONCERTS BENEFIT STAND UP TO CANCER (of which the name of the event was given to us from Stand Up To Cancer itself.)  It is not called use us to get more traffic and lindens for yourselves.

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