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Sunday, September 20, 2015


Everyone knows it is is not often that something or someone truly stops me in my tracks and completely leaves in awe and speechless.

Saturday was more of a relaxing day for me.  My own venue was not holding events, almost all the line ups in, schedules were done, overall all I really did was pop into the different the venues to see the events and keep people updated on the totals.  A fun second life day filled with music.  Then I started watching the totals.  Giggles and I love opening group chats and keeping them in suspense, waiting for the number.  Here is the day I saw today.

The most dedicated venue owners, performers, hosts all hanging on the edge of their seats waiting for the numbers.  ReallyMad Morpork jumped in and swore we hit the million lindens mark during his performance.  I was at Lemonrock Cafe for his, mind you this is the only performer that has every gotten the vain me to remove my hair in public.  Even in rl a number of yyears ago I was a treatment that contained a very mild chemo....and though I did not lose my hair, it did thin out a great deal---I was the proud owner of 4 wigs....and I am so vain had to go out and get the very best....but he did it.  I lost my hair during his show and we all hit a million linden as well.

A bit later that day, Nighty tp'd me over to his and Yenna's venue Wonderful Dreams.  Now that was sight.  This normal beautiful venue more formal had on stage 3 dance poles and thery was Nighty in a bathing suit woman woud kill for, Norm Reynolds....a side of Norm I had never seen before, and the wonderful Chris Landon.  Showing us a completely different side of themselves and I was roaring with laughter at the antics of those three,  But I have to admit Chris took 1st place, as he started off with one look, you know the normal extremelly well buffed man, but then changed....oh did he change. There truly is no describing it, but as soon as I get pics downloaded, they will be on facebook and I will be sure to give you all the links.

I get to see venue owners that have already finished their events, or haven't had them yet, out visiting the other venues cheering them on.  I think one of my favorite moments was on opening day day at BS;s when another venue im'd me and commented she never leaves her sim, and I got her out and to BS's.  I was so touched.  You know who you are.

This week this entire community, I really wish I could come up with one word to describe all of you.  Amazing, Beautiful, Creative, Unique, Fierce, Loyal, Dedicated, Determined, Inspirational, Supportive, Hardworking, Fun loving.  The one thing I did notice is that performers are truly sharing.  Every single performance I have been to, the performer talked for a couple of minutes about how cancer has affected them.  The first week has been truly amazing.  I can't wait to see this second week.

Besides the multitudes of events,  we have the venue owner, performer auction coming up.  If you are a venue owner, you need to get in there.  Have that special person in your life be your highest bidder knowing that you are making a difference.  Performers hmmmmmm I may have to hit the credit card again.  The Giant snail races are coming, If you have never raced a snail you truly do not know what you are missing.

A sneak preview of the close of the fund raiser at BS's on the 27th.  You guys all know how much I love planning events.  Starting at 10 in the morning and ending just after 10 at night I will take a moment to explain the just after)  We truly have the best of the best lined up, Wolfie, Josie DominoeEffect, Hogan, Rhia, Russell, Mavenn are the all in the first part of the day, as we approach the end it is Tristyn (who had also made us the most wonderful kiosks in the world), Collin, Parker, Max, Mankind, and last but not least is a special performance by Mr. Bones Writer of a brand new song he has written entitled Stand Up.

So watch those lineups or stop in at one of the two venues that have kiosks, remember ever singlle linden counts.

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