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Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Now you get to hear me be mushy.

I watched so many of you put aside everything to come together and make this so successful  Wonder how successful?

L$3040393  = US$ 11,784.47

 That is just short of $4000 USD to each country.

We did something this year that no one else has done before (at least to my knowledge)....we said global and we did global As Stand Up To Cancer grows so will we.  Many that have refused to do other things came out and worked with us on this.

When we did this year last year, I was so surprised that we had that so many venues and performers take part.  Completely amazed when we reached 1.5 million linden.  I thought we would be lucky to repeat that.  But this wonderful music community had other ideas.  We doubled in size with the number in size with the number of participating venues.  Performers gave their time like I never saw before, yes there were glitches (aren't there always).  I attended as many venues and events as I could, trying to get each one,  Unfortunately there was one or two that were in the early morning hours, that I could not get to.  Contrary to popular belief, I do sleep every now and then.  I have never in rl or sl seen a community that comes together that comes the way the SL music community does.  I have used the words amazing, wonderful awesome so many times yet they do nt begin to describe this community.  I don't know if there is a word that can completely describe it.

Evey person I am sure has some of moments from this that they will never forget.  I will share some of mine.

How quickly performers stepped up to fill cancels when they did occur.

Loose Lucy turning blue with a drum roll.  That woman can hold her breath with the best of them.  Drums rolls were always fun to do, but Lucy, you added a spice to them and I always wanted a paramedic close by when you were in them.

Early morning talks with DiJegoO at Friendz of Live Music, I had my coffee with him each day and more enthusiastic person I could not have started my day with

Trying to catch my partner in crime, no matter what we needed he got it for us.  Darn shame Tyro works so much.  Yet this man always came through.

The multitudes of schedules to combine and put on a calendar.

The friendships I have formed.  And one that was renewed.  When I heard Seth Regon/Mankind on stage and how much he researched Stand Up To Cancer and knew about it, I was so impressed.  We talked afterwards and after 5years or somewhere around there, renewed a friendship

The misty eyes so many of you caused as we went through the campaign sharing stories of heartbreak of cancer has affected you.

Nighty actually causing me to spit a sip of water when I looked at the screen and he typed the number 5

BadOne, always having to make his presence known when I was hair is still in knots

Bones' song Stand Up, though not written about cancer it fit so well with standing up and fighting for what is right.  Thank you so much for sharing that song with us.

The venues that have asked to maintain a kiosk throughout the year.

Talking with Max Kleene, right before he took the stage for the last hour our total was at (2919000+ and we both were wondering if we could actually hit 3....I think I was a bit skeptical....and then halfway through Max's show when we hit 3 million lindens, people started to think I passed out finally, when in reality I was crying so much I could not see the keyboard or the screen.

No matter what though the one thing I heard over and over (though still not enough)  Some of you on stage, some of you in local and some in private ims to me.....I survived and the one that affected me truly brought tears child survived thanks to a clinical study.  That alone made every long day worth it.

I know I am missing a great deal, but that could turn this into a real novel.

We will be putting the pics together and putting then in FB as well as sending them and the videos on to Stand Up To Cancer.  The transaction report is published though not completely cleaned up

The only thing I can add (though guaranteed the minute I hit publish I will think of 50 more)  but really and I mean this from the bottom of my heart, thank you for allowing a small part of this wonderful musical community.


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