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Friday, March 18, 2016


Throughout all the negativity that went on yesterday.....I still was able to get out and visit venues.  I started the day atone of my favorite friend's venue...Cafe Musique.  They were so decked out for St Patrick's Day The place was packed and the the guests were a sea of green.  You know I had to take pics.  While there I had an amazing time, with such a fun bunch of people and of course Laya who I adore.  I was able to hear Chip Takacs, Aleycat, and Hanky Warwillow

Chip Takacs at Cafe Musique St Patrick's 2016

Aleycat at Cafe Musique St Patrick's 2017
Hanky Warwillow at Cafe Musique St Patrick's 2016
Bab being bad at Cafe Musique St. Patrick's 2016

Even I was in green at Cafe Musique St Patrick's 2016

Laya the wonderful owner of Cafe Musique St Patricks 2016

A sea of green at Cafe Musique St. Patrick's 2016

More green sea at Cafe Musique St Patrick's 2016
From Cafe Musique I went on to see another favorite and one of my oldest friends in sl, Russell Eponym at Ce Soir for their St. Patrick's.  Normally a more formal venue but I checked with Mire and she said come as you I did,  A wonderful time.  Those of you that follow this blog know that Mire and Aeon, the owners of CeSoir are some of my dearest friends.  They never disappoint with their shows, have hearts of gold, and I love them so very much.  Russell is one of the olderst performers in sl (that is sl age) and an amazing performer.  Back when Guthries was still open, where I met Russell the first time, I used to go and just listen with my morning coffee.  It was a wonderful way to start the day.

Russell Eponym at Cafe Musique St Pats 2016
Mirelle, Aeon, and friend at Ce Soir St. Pats 2016

Legolas at Ce Soir St. Pats 2016

Jasmyn at Ce Soir St Pat's 2016
I took a break and then a bit later received in im from Rob  and headed off to the new Kickoff Club.  Rob has done a few venues in the past....but this one  I love it.....a football fiels with all NFL teams represented and pics from Superbowls.  I was so happy to see my beloved Packers up there.

Maggie my game buddy at Kickoff St Pats 2016

Rob at Kickoff St. Pat's 2016

Though I got see Chief Blaisdale and Sing, I was unable to get a pic of them.  Giggles too busy checking out the football pics and wishing I was wearing my Packers Jersey.Sing completely blew me away and I regretted being called when I was as I was unable to stay for his whole show.

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