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Monday, March 14, 2016


Wow I have so missed the music in SL  I started out the other day, and ummmm went through the lindens I had very quickly, so I stopped. That was on the 7th.  I was able to see  Trinity Ermintrood at
the Cafe Musique.  It was the first time I had spent an hour listening to her, and I was not disappointed.  Besides I love Laya and Brindi to death.
Trinity Ermintrood at Cafe Musique 03/07/16
 I stayed to hear a performer I had never heard before. hanky Warwillow.  I was so not disappointed.

hanky Warwillow at Cafe Musique 03/07/16
After I left Cafe Musique,I went to a venue I had not been before, The Lexi Zone and listened to a performer I had not heard before, Though I have seen his name before; Eddie Santillo another not disappoint performer.
Eddie Santillo at The Lexi Club 03/07/16

 I hate going to a venue and not being able to tip a performer at least 500L and a venue 2-500L  depending on greeting and thank welcome the venue makes you feel.  But you guys know me well enough to know that I have always said the personal touch brings in higher tips, just as sincerity from the performer about the venue also helps the venue.  Last night though, I was talking to Parker Static and explaining that after I spent the lindens I had I stopped venue hopping for a few days.  Gotta love Parker, she made it clear to me that it would be better if I was there and not to ever worry about tipping.  This was reiterated today by both venue owners and performers when I apologized for such a small tip.

I started out by changing into gown and heading over to BBW Ballroom to see another favorite of mine, Phil Setner.  You can never go wrong by seeing Phil.  That man has such a wonderful voice.  I am always jealous of the woman that is with Phil, for she gets to hear him sing all the time.
Phil Setner @ BBW Heaven Ballroom & Concert Venue 031116

I have a confession to make I am sitting here listening to Lyn Carlberg at Vincent's and I am completely stuffed.  I order from Blue Apron a lot.....their food is good and extremely healthy, plus I am earning new ways to cook so it is also fun.  Normally it's made for two people or in my case two days....I cook and then have enough left for dinner the next day.  Well earlier today I made this steak recipe in a french fashion along with fingerling potatoes and literally melted in my mouth.  Hanging head, I ate tomorrow's too.

Listening to Lyn is great, he is truly amazing. He put on a great show.  He hit home with a couple of songs.  Lyn does put on a fun show and he is so talented....If you haven''t seen him, you should make it a point to watch events for him.
Lyn Carlberg at Vincent's 031116
Lyn did something during his show that made me turn red in rl, he spotted me in the crowd and commented about the work to fight cancer with Stand Up 2 Cancer an when he did that, and I commented that if would be in the fall Psy she is in this year with her and Impress's venue  Vincent's.  Due to another performer I had never met before telling me he wanted to help, I realized the list was open for 2016.  Though my mind had been running in a million different directions with ideas for this year, I realized that in many ways it has started.  Which in many ways, now thinking about it could be a very good thing.  It may not seem quite as busy for me and not take such a toll on me.

After listening to Lyn I went on to another favorite venue, Love Kats.   I not only got to see my wonderful friend Kat, but was able to enjoy the angelic voice of TOXIE. That woman has a beautiful voice. She is also so such a very sweet was so good to get out and see her again.  Kat herself is also a wonderful friend and for a short time a neighbor, since then I have moved.  I have found that I love to sail so even though I have the sim, I also an island on Blake passage so I get out and sail and boat whenever I like.  (one day I want to take up flying and get a seaplane....but for now still working on those sailing skills.  I digress....Both Toxie and Kat are on the list for Stand Up to Cancer as well. 
TOXIE at Love Kats 3/11/16

When I left Love Kats, I went on to another favorite venue...Cafe Musique.  Layla and Brinda are truly two of the very best people and always make every event filled with fun.  I stayed for a while and got to hear the amazing Pmann Sands, another great show.  Pmann is a lot of fun.
Pmann Sands at Cafe Musique 03/11/16
Then on to Ecnad Nation I was able to see someone I had not sen in a long time, Naga Flow. Another performer that I adore listening to.  Unfortunately I was unable to stay long.

Naga Flow at Ecnad Nation 03/11/16
On Sunday, Quinn from The Lighthouse Venue invited me over to hear one of my buddies Kevin Thomas CarpooI, and he was sooo ready for St Patrick's Day.

 I would like to thank everyone as I am getting back out again.  You have all made me me feel so very welcome and missed.

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