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Thursday, March 10, 2016


Finally starting to feel like myself again.  Radiation is done, I have been home about 6 weeks, and the side effects are have really eased up.  I can stay awake again...eating again, and even my taste buds are working again.  Though I did learn something...Taste buds came back in phases, once my throat stopped feeling like there were razor blades in it and I could swallow again....sweet is the first taste that came back and everything else tastes like cardboard,  milk chocolate is simply the best.  Though I have to admit pretty much confined to a hotel room because it was freezing and I was also sleeping a lot, did give me a chance to eat some of my favorites before I lost my taste buds and all the other goodies that went with it.  Those familiar with Chicago, are or should be familiar with Carson's ribs....I truly treated myself.  We can't forget RJ Grunts.  Many of you may be familiar with the Lettuce Entertain You Restaurants, now there are a lot of them and all over the country.  But the very first was RJ Grunts in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago, and someplace in much younger days, I used to frequent a lot.  Lo and behold it is still there...I took advantage of the best chili I have had (outside of a very hot white chili) and also the absolute best french onion soup.  Then my throat and jaw went to the side effects side of things and that knocked out taking advantage of more food....which ummmm could be considered a good thing.
...I know they are back  with chocolate, my daughter sent me some along with a few other special gifts including a very special chain with the infinity sign on it (for my daughter, this is very symbolic) because she could not be here thru this with me. they get to you every now and then no matter how old they get.  I wanted to take a moment to thank some very special people during this time, Bughouse Loco, Shimmering Silverlight, Stone Klaxon when I logged in Mirelle & Slider, no matter how I was feeling, the daily emails, texts and words of encouragement and love when I logged in truly helped make a difficult time much easier.

Though I have not gotten out as much I used to with everything going on in rl, I am getting back to it now.

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