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Sunday, March 20, 2016


Something interesting happened today, the post that caused quite a stir disappeared.  Its about time.  The funny thing is that originator of the post that private messaged me saying the flavour was teaching and support not blacklisting and bullying, must not have appreciated when I quoted her posts saying that they were just plain mean.  I had already stopped friendship because I truly do not like being friends with someone that could be that ugly toward another....but when the post disappeared she also blocked me which I thought was ironic and amusing and  so glad I made a copy of the entire thing.  That is the biggest problem with social media, it truly brings out the ugly in people, even people that like to give the image that they are all about getting along and love, etc.  Though to her credit, from what I understand she did talk with the owner and things are laid to rest.  That is good.  There is a lesson though, something I learned a long time ago in corporate America......I had a general rule.  Never put anything on the internet that you would not appearing on the front page of the New York Times.  Social media is worse.  Text takes on a tone of its own.  You can delete all you like somewhere someone has it saved.  A funny thought would be.....just think of how red the person that reads LL's servers stuff must be.

With that said today I attended Burnings wedding, I don't normally attend weddings, I do get a ton of invites and because I am the sort that likes to give nicer gifts for birthdays, rezzday, weddings....I rarely attend or I would go bankrupt.  Though don't get me wrong, I am always honored that I was thought enough of to ask.  Then again this being a bit cynical but at the same time I have attended 5 different wedding for one friend to 5 different people in a less than 4 year time frame.  But after everything that happened this week I wanted to be here.  It was wonderful to see Samuel there.  I will have to watch Showtimes for his update.  I think or really I hope that we learned how ugly and mean social media can be.  As individuals, we all abhor bullying when it is talked about, I see profiles dedicated to fighting bullying and to stop and think before you pass judgement.  Sometimes when it is close to home it is easy to forget and fall into the same habits that we hate so much in others.

Just as I was so disheartened by the music community and knowing I have a major decision to make, Davy made me get out and took me to The Voodoo Lounge, as many times as I have heard of it, I had never been there.  I saw one of my oldest and dearest friends.....and though we don't talk as much on skype whenever he has something on his mind and just needs to talk or I do we skype.  I am looking forward to skyping with him in the next day or two.  Then I met the owners, I complimented them on an amazing venue. and also how much I loved their floor.  One of those owners was truly beaming just because I complimented her venue......its the little things like that make a difference....I made two new friends and the directory gained another venue.  Thank you Davy, that was the best medicine.  Besides Hogman and Minsy were both fabulous.

Hogman at The Voodoo Lounge 03182016
Minsy at the Voodoo Lounge 03182016
On to the wedding which I almost missed....Thank you Bad One for the post on FB it served as a reminder, I hurried and logged in....Arrived during Savannah Rain that woman can  Followed by Aleykat another amazing voice.

The happy couple Burning and Cliff 032016

Aleykat at the wedding 032016

Bad cleans up well 032016

/////////////////////////////////////Savannah Rain at the wedding 032016

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