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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Good Morning on this lazy Sunday.  More snow yesterday......It is only mid January and I am sooo tired of winter already.  I even took winter off the sim and put up spring and surfing....beach stuff, the boat is out, the jetskis. etc.....

Now wanting to go out today, it is a lazy Sunday at home so time to visit some venues!  First stop is Kickin. Mark Allen Jensen is performing and sounding great. On to a venue I have never visited.....Kimmy's where I had the pleasure of listening to RickyLiveMusic.  This is the first time I have heard him and there is not way it will be the last, he has a wonderful voice.

I confess that was written last Sunday.

Since then I have had a chance to see the amazing Jacquiline Luik at Accoustic Garden.  As always she was great and I love Max's venue.

Today I am starting at Kickin and listening to Koko Incognito.....she truly has the voice of an angel.  On to a venue I have not been to in a very long time......End of to see my old friend Tosh and listen to another amazing voice....I have never heard her before.  As amazing as she is I also saw an old friend performing and I know I have to tp over to see her, it has been far too long.

Said my goodbyes at End of time and went over to Mandy's Mansion to see Yip Jannings......the Disco Queen never fails to delight me.  It was so very good to see her.  Her light show is awesome as it always has been.  This woman not only has talent but is truly an entertainer too.  Yip has been performing in sl for years, though I have not seen her in a long time.  The best advice I can give anyone is run to one of her shows, you will not be disappointed,,,,and whoa,,,,this woman hits notes and holds them like no one else can do.

There is also something weighing heavily on my mind....All team members can expect to an email, notecard etc from me.  RFL registration is fast approaching.  Many have told me that if we do RFL again, they do not want to be a part of it.  You all know my opinion....I will not lead this team or any other into an organization that I do not believe in.  By the same token, I do not wnt to hamper other team members from following their hearts, many of the team does feel very strongly about RFL.  If someone would like to step up and captain a team in RFL of SL.....I will go to each member and ask if they choose to do it.  If they do, I will give you their names and contact information.  SL Music will remain a team and fight for other causes that we believe in as well.  As another cancer organization does have my loyalty as far as ensuring that all dollars go 100% to research and the transparency involved....I have also submitted the correct paperwork to them.  Now I am waiting for an answer.  I am sure they will have many questions as to things just as we will need their help in ensuring a business liaison gets all monies and not an individual sl resident.

Each team member also has the opportunity to join another team.

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