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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Hi Everyone,

First an update,  Many of you have sent note cards and or im's to see how I am doing, I thank each of you for taking the time to think of me.  Here are the results to date.....I have a stage 2 lymphoma with it found in 4 spots, but just small spots.  It is a non aggressive and slow growing cancer so we are in a wait and see mode.  Either way, I am not a candidate for any type of chemo due to the advanced liver disease already taking such a toll on my system and blood counts, my body would not be able to stand up to chemo. 

Now enough about me.....lets talk about you and what an amazing team you are. 

RFL registration is fast approaching.  Most of you if you have read the things I sent you in the past, know that I myself refuse to lead a team into RFL of SL based on my own opinions about it.  Many of you have also contacted me and asked if we were doing RFL again, and if so you would want off of the team.  By the same token, many of you go into RFL embracing it with all your heart.  So I have put a great deal of thought into this.

If there is someone that would like to represent SL Music as a team captain with RFL of SL, please let me know..  I, in turn will meet with you and give you all the information I have about RFL of SL and past events etc.  I will also take the time to talk with each member of the team to see if they would like to continue with RFL of SL and if I have their permission to pass on their information to you.  Once I do, I will give you their names and you can register them, etc...

For those that have wondered if I have just given up the battle against cancer, rest assured I have not.  I have submitted all of the paperwork to Stand Up 2 Cancer and I am awaiting a response.  Needless to say there will be different things to iron out and go over with them.  I tend to prefer them because I am assured that each dollar donated goes 100% to research....the research and updates are very visible.  The privacy policy to opt out of other things is also very visible.  So overall their transparency and work impress me.  I invite each of you to take the time and check out their site:

This morning while searching for something in SL I also found another organization, that is by far one of the most global I have seen....I have looked at their site and where their money goes to in research grants.  I do not see anything that is affiliated with RFL and/or ACS....but due to the lack of financial transparency on their site, it is something I would look into a bit deeper.

As your captain, I never want to make the same mistakes I made with RFL of SL and go into it blindly not knowing all the facts or having misleading facts,....Chuckles, you know the saying...if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is....and that was the trap I fell into without doing my own homework.  I owed it to you to dig deeper, you take me at my word, the least I can do is to make sure those words ring true.

If there is anyone of that is willing to lead parts of this team into RFL of SL this year, please contact me through notecard, fb, email, skype.

I adore each and every one of you,

Still Braveheart

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