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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Each of us from venue to performer has our own groups.  We tend to be very protective of our groups ensuring the only information they get pertains to that group.  Not allowing spam, etc.  With that being said, I do have a pet peeve.  It does not pop up often and when it does it is usually in the groups of designers that I belong ti.  This time it had to do with venues.

I received an invite to Phat's Premier from TeraKaye Serrao.  At first I did not think much of it and specifically asked her where she received my name, if it was from Stephano, the owner of Phat Cats Jazz.  She reploed by saying that she got my name from a group.  Hmmmm that made me think.  I do not belong to Phat's group.  So I took it one step further and asked her where she got my name, which group.....of which she would not tell me.  I did my homework and searched every group I belong to.  Finding her in 5 groups, I sent a notecard to each of those groups owners.  Moreso because it was a venue, Franks and Charleston Lace were included.  Both Nancee and Karen have spoken to me about it since.  I am telling each of you about it for a couple of reasons......

1. We all work hard to grow our groups and we are protective of them.

2.  What she was doing is just wrong, and many of you may want to watch your own groups to see if she is a member.

During a skype conversation with a few other owners, I took the time and tp'd over to this venue Phat's Premier.  It boosts itself as a members only club.  Membership is 500L or you can purchase so many hours for different amounts of Lindens.  I did purchase the least amount of hours.  This was, by the way, a Saturday evening,  one of SL's busiest times.  I went in only to find the host inside.  There was no one else there.  So I for one .....chuckles me that pays to belong to so many different groups, would not pay for a membership to an empty venue.  Just my opinion.

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