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Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Right after I published the last blog I realized I forgot to put my New Years Resolution in there.  This is the first time I am saying them out loud.  I have this train of thought that if you actually tell someone there is more accountability in there to actually do it, so I have decided to share mine with you.  Then you can hold me accountable if I don't come through.

So here goes:  Giggles keep in mind that I am listening to Beth Odets and now Matthew Perault dual as I write this so anything is liable to come out of my mouth.....Chuckles, Beth has that effect on people...but in a very good way.

1. You know how I feel about RFL of Second Life.  None of those feelings take away from the fact that I will still always work to do what I can to further the cause of finding a cure for cancer.  So I have been doing my homework and research.  I have found an organization that is under another organization in the entertainment industry.  With all that is done in the lines of entertainment in Second Life, I thought what an appropriate organization for us....The organization which is under that umbrella is Stand Up 2 Cancer.  Here are some of the reason I admire I respect and admire them so very much.  Every single dollar donated, this does not include partnerships, etc, but every single dollar that you and I would ever donate 100% of it goes directly to actual research.  There is no second guessing as to what the research is, as they put it out there for all to see including updates on each research that is being funded. They truly are global as they also have international doctors working on cures.  When they did their huge telethon it involved 167 countries all running things simultaneously.  Now that is truly global, As far as Charity Navigator is concerned, which is very large watchdog type organization over non profit organizations, Stand Up 2 Cancer receives 4 stars the most an organization can earn, whereas the American Cancer Society holds 2 due in part to the transparency issues.  So I am going back and forth with paperwork and explaining what we would need to do something in Second Life.  This is one of my New Years Resolutions.

2.  Another Resolution which I am looking into is something to help the victims of abuse.  Those numbers outweigh cancer numbers as to how many people are abused even on an hourly basis.  Increasing awareness is something we can all do to help fight this.

3.  My third resolution is much more personal.  Many of you know that rl has thrown me some curve balls lately.  They have been bitter pills to swallow, at the same time, it made me realize that none of us know how how much time we have from becoming ill to walking across the street and getting hit by a bus.  All of us tend to go through life talking about the things we want to do someday,  I have decided that my someday is now.  I am going to do all the things I have ever wanted to do or go places I have always wanted to visit.  Another words, my resolution is to live every single day to its fullest.  My kids are on their own now with the youngest graduating from college in April.  It is time for me to take me off the back burner.

It was kind of funny, a performer that is a very good friend was here in the Drunkin Drow and most when they ask how you are accept the face value answer, but not her.....she is right there with an ear and a shoulder, so I brought her completely up to date and was telling her my plans for 2014.  She gave me a link to hear which I will also be sharing on Facebook.  A reminder to all of us.  The way it is done is very sobering, but also very true and good reminder to each of us.  Just copy and paste it.

 So I am asking each of you to make me accountable for following thru on my resolutions this year.


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