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Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Happy New Year Everyone.  I have not entered a new post since the Relay For Life of Second Life, American Cancer Society fiasco, though I have some drafts that I had started since.  I will touch on those as well as a few other things that have gone on.

As for today though I am starting 2014 in a favorite venue....Guthries and listening to Zelator Baphomet playing songs that stir up memories of days gone by.....Fun memories in those early 20's when life was a breeze and one had no worries just what the next fun thing to do was.

The I went on to Kickin, another favorite......having a huge birthday party and everyone including me was dressed for 2014.   Now I got to see ML and Rhesa, Two performers I had not seen before.  I can't wait to see them again, they make a wonderful couple on stage keeping a party a PARTY!  The energy and was soooo awesome and fun.  Giggles you know I am impressed when I have to tip 3 times, because I felt that none was enough.

After that I headed over to Justice League Park to listen to Bill473.  Now I have to admit....solely from a female perspective....his would leave  everything for it.  Somewhere in some world there is a very lucky lady that gets to hear this voice.  Not only will his voice take us all into fantasy land, but what a professional.....I have seen many performers crash and have to return.  Bill did twice and both times he never missed a note.  Unless you were like me and trying to take a pic so trying to find him, you would not have known he was not in world.  But man....If I could go to sleep with this voice every night, I would never have another bad dream.Okay confession time, I also peeked at his profile to see if there was an sl gf....chuckles.

Taking a break for an hour, I returned to do a quick change and head over to the Titanic.  I got there in time to hear my friend Josie Anderton.  And she sang it for me.  There is a history to this story.  My first year as captain of SL Music Races....toward the end of the RFL season we had a couple of huge events one that had worked me to death.....The giant clothing auction and huge line up.  I was dead on my feet and Josie took the stage wearing the gown that was made for her and dedicated a song to me "Thank You For Being a Friend" from the old Golden Girls TV sitcom, it truly brought tears to my eyes.

I would have left except that my friend BubbaC John was up.  He played a recording of a duet that he and Josie had done a few years ago, it was awesome that they lyrics were hysterical.  The ....only Bubba can do this to me.  Bubba knows I have the Elvis --Jailhouse Rock--dance in my huddle.....giggles and it is one of the better ones but can not hardly be found Bubba loves making me turn red and getting me on the stage with him, for that song.

I have done a great deal of reflecting over the past few months,  Many of you know that rl has taken a bit of a toll,  My opinions of RFL of SL took a major dive and I do not see them resurfacing.  Though I had to laugh when I have been asked to play Santa at the Christmas Expo and then for performers on New Years Eve.  It does show me a great deal.  The people that asked me are all leaders in their own rights, and some of the nicest people in the world, but I realized that they also tend to lead people blindly and never do their own research.  This is something I have seen in both Second Life and the real world,  The funny thing is that so many people do see it and that kind of leadership of no accountability to the people that follow you is wrong and never too long lasting.  Chuckles, though this is a very big example to smaller things...the character traits are still the same, in some ways it makes me think of the difference between Bush and Obama.  Bush made mistakes and lied in many instances, though at the time---and yes I am trying to be pc and give him the benefit of the doubt--lied with what he may have thought was the truth at the time; but when the truth came out he never apologized.  That would have required a strong morale character and also take some accountability, Whereas, Obama with the health care and its fiasco of getting it started, truly a bad mark against him, at the same time he stood up and apologized.  Like or not like him, I had to respect that.

With that being said, I have to comment about the Avi Choice Awards.  First and foremost congratulations to the winners.  And once again I am proud of the fact that I use products from the best in sl.  At the same time there is such a downside to the way they did this.  I was getting im's asking how to get their name off of the lists,  Though a couple of people may have nominated them, they really should have the choice to accept the nomination before the voting goes public.  What was even funnier was that not too much was verified.  I saw people saying things like they were nominated in categories of items that they never made.  All in all, it was a mess.  BUT  in no way does the poor organization of it take away from the people that were nominated or the winners.  I had many personal friends win and of course the so LONG OVERDUE 4 CATEGORIES MY WONDERFUL FRIEND MAX KLEENE WON!!!!!!

Those of you that don't realize it or know him well.....this man is one of the nicest, most humble, and yet so talented men in sl.  One that I am so very proud to call a friend, a very good friend.These awards were long overdue.

I have realized over the past couple of months, just how busy this team of ours stays as instead of reading the blog, I have received im's asking if we were doing RFL next year because if so, then they would like to be removed from the team.  After about 5 of these and another performer that sent me a notecard about the financials of the American Cancer Society and asked me to print it in here, I feel that I should reiterate this. Oh before I forget and he asks me why I have not printed his note card, I am trying to verify one thing in it and have tried to catch you inworld to ask you something about it.

Since no one else has stepped up to the captain's position on such a large team, and that I have been neglectful in knowing all I should while asking people to raise money for Relay For Life of Second Life and The American Cancer Society; I will remain captain, but will not lead this team down something I feel is not transparent and accountable.  There are a few other things that are the back burner right now waiting to get straightened out with the actual organizations themselves, I would also suggest to any team members that feel strongly about Relay For Life of Second Life, that you follow your heart and join another team to participate.  Joining another team does not mean that you have to leave this one as we are not a Relay For Life of Second Life Team.  No matter how you feel about one or the other both is a decision that only you can make.  The most I can do is tell you I personally feel and show you the documentation to back myself up.  It is important above all that you listen to your heart.

Now that I have written you another novel, Giggles I do not believe I can write a short blog.  Maybe that is why, though I have a tweet account I never use it......I talk too much!

PS Something I am attempting to add is pictures of the performers that I see when I go venue hopping, but so far have failed to figure out how to add them---you all know I am as technically challenged as can be.

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