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Sunday, January 19, 2014


Good morning as I dare to look at the weather and see that it is -15 outside with a windchill of -45.  Even my physical therapist had left a message cancelling today....Second Life here I come.  Guthries, always a favorite.  In my humble opinion, the best place in the morning to sit with cup of hot coffee and listen to music seeing friends and always my good friend Dottie.  If I remember correctly, she is further north then me......and I thought it was cold here.....sheesh, I could not imagine being in Canada right now.

Listening to one of my oldest friends Joaquin Gustav, I have known him since I first opened BS's and he is one of the nicest men.  I have not listened to him in quite a while and noticed that he has changed a lot of his singing style.  It was great to hear him again and impressive that he has grown so much as a performer.

I have to admit there is humbling experience in this as when I go into places, the performers seem to find a way to say that Still Braveheart is here, what a good friend I am, and then talk about how hard I have worked for Relay For Life of Second Life.  Giggles though it is always a good example of whether they read the info sent to them.....

Lefty Unplugged is on the stage now while I am writing.  He has the voice that just FITS with Guthries.Listening to him and contemplating putting on layers of clothing to take the dog out.  If I don't soon she will be walking with crossed legs.

HMMMM I really know how to slack it is two days later and I decided to go out and hear some music.  No one better to start with than the one and only Alex Mays.  I have missed hearing him.  Sounding as awesome as ever!!!  This was my first visit to The Bass Note is a really nice venue.

Off to a favorite---Acoustic Cave.  Max and Shauna keep this venue jumping and it is ALWAYS fun to vist them.  Tonight I am listening to Tristen Homewood.  I have so missed seeing so many of Second Life's amazing performers and Tristen is right up there with the best of them.  While there I also some very good friends and amazing performers Shaye Dezno and Gary Jonstone.  Also many people that I have not seen in some time, and it was so good to see everyone.

The problem with going to live events this time is that it is after Christmas and I have about 4 more days until payday.  Just like I would never do a tips only venue....I have never not tipped a venue or a performer, and so I get this huge feeling of guilt when I love the venue and the performer and am unable to show my appreciation......giggles I guess I just have to read this blog again so that I do not forget who to make up tips to.  Puts note on calendar to follow up.  And now chuckles I just finished my lindens so it must be time to call it a night.......

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