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Thursday, August 20, 2015


As I am starting this, I am roaring with laughter.  First a disclaimer...In no way shape or form am I knocking anyone with a mesh body.  But you have to admit landing anyplace that is filled with mesh is hilarious. Giggles clothing going in each and ever direction.  Add in mesh bodies  and heads are kind of floating until they rezz and all you have to go on quite often to avoid walking on people is seeing shoes.  I know I have no room to laugh, though I don't do mesh bodies, I do wear mesh clothing.  So many probably laugh just as hard at me. 

Sighs once again I have all been over the grid and seen lots so it may take two blogs to get through them although I did take some time for myself before I started again....LOL I say for myself, much of it was getting things going with Stand Up 2 Cancer.  I thought last year kept me busy with 23 venues, this year with 41 venues the word busy no longer covers it.

On August 10, my friend Kat Vargas sent me an im asking me to come to take a look at the newest performers she is representing.  Off I went to Dock Side Club to see Bi-Polar.  The Dockside Club is a great venue itself.  I have been there a few times now and truly have fun every time I visit.  Kat has a great knack for finding talent, once again, she came through with husband wife team....unfortunately for us bur great for them, they perform in real life, so they won't be there on the busiest days in live music community, but if I were you I would watch notices for them throughout the week.  They are truly a couple worth seeing.

Bi Polar at Dock Side Club 0810515
 Since I was out and about I popped over to see Cafe Musique to see Joe Parvane.  I had not been to Cafe Musique recently.  They are also participating in Stand Up 2 Cancer event, and I have come to adore that venue owner.  She got right on top of things during her own busy schedule and put together that line up so quickly.  I had a great time seeing Joe, lately I get so swamped with im's I am usually unable to keep up local, but listening to Joe was great. 

Joe Paravane @ Cafe Musique 081015  

 After I got done listening to Joe, I headed over to The Lighthouse Venue, to hear a performer that is quickly becoming a favorite..the Domino Effect. This man is so very talented, I can not recommend him enough.
Dom at The Lighthouse Venue ,081015
It was time for me to call it a night.

I did not venture out again for a few days but headed back out on August 13th.  Checking out events I saw a name I had never seen before...and I was off to Vincents Blues and Jazz to listen to Dream Summerland.  Wow she is a new performer to Second Life, but in looking at her profile she is not new to performing.  This woman has one of the best voices I have heard.  She is being managed by Impress Allen, also the owner of Vincents.  Unfortunately, he does not feel she is ready for other venues yet, or I would have called other venue owners to come down there to here her.  Once she is out and about in Second Life, her following will grow by leaps and bounds.  She is just that good.
Dreama Summerwind at Vincent's Blues and Jazz 08/13/15
A bit later I received a conference chat and I specifically asked if his manager would be there.  Not that I am ever mischievous,  but it was the first day preseason day of NFL football for the Packers, and this manager just so happens to be Vikings fan (yes I feel sorry for him)  So off I went to see to see Vince Russatel at Love Kats.  Lo and behold his manager was not there.  I im'd him and he just happened to be at an AM Forte's show on another venue.  So in those im's back and forth to him I cajoled, asked, begged for him to dance with me (he had no idea I was dressed in a Packers jersey).  He finally gave in and tp'd me....danced with me and of course I got a be used as blackmail later lol.

Vince Ruissatel at Love Kats 081315

From there I went on to see another favorite Collin Martin at To the Stars.  Dee continually out does herself at To the Stars, every time I am there it is fun and full.  So when you take a great venue and put an absolutely amazing performer like Collin on know its a winner.  But you also have Second Life Lag....poor Collin.
Collin Martin at to the Stars 081315
 And the end of a day for me.

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