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Saturday, August 1, 2015


Sl is so very diverse, so as a fundraiser we want to be just as diverse.Stand Up 2 Cancer is also very diverse and currently has locations in Canada and the UK.  I have this warped way of thinking that people appreciate knowing exactly where their money is going and the closer to home the better.  This year in our fundraising efforts we will be including all three countries--The US, Canada, and the The UK.  Though Germany does have a Stand Up to Cancer Face Book page we have not found a an actual physical presence there.  I am lucky to have friends from all over the world and they are each keeping their eye out for it.  When Stand Up 2 Cancer has a physical presence in another country, then our fundraising efforts will also include it.

Right now we are at 20 venues and 60+ performers with the list growing by leaps and bounds.  If you watch the SL MUSIC RACES Face Book Page as I receive logos from participating venues they will be posted as will all performers.

Here is the notice I sent out two nights ago:

Hi Everyone,
Its that time f year. Stand Up 2 Cancer time. This year we are stretching out a bit longer due to the rl event that they are holding at the same time. It will start on September 12, 2015 and end on September 27th, 2015.
We are also doing something else very different that I do not think any other fundraiser in sl has done. 2 other countries now have Stand Up 2 Cancer organizations. Canada and the UK. Sl is so very diverse, it is important that we be just as diverse. So we are still getting the direct donation urls ready and all lindens will be split evenly between all three countries, the US, Canada and the UK.
If as a venue, you can one day or more during that two weeks, please let me know. The list has already started with quite a few venues already on it.
Performers, The list of performers has already started you know I would love to see you on it.
Managers, fans, you know we need you, hosts are always so important during this.
Please let me know if you want to be included, Im me, send me a notcard, catch me in FB, email, if you know me in skype, that's another way, or email stillbraveheart @
Last year we came together and made a difference, lets do it again....
This is where the end of cancer begins!
Huge hugs to each of you,
Still Braveheart

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