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Thursday, August 6, 2015


I have spent the last three days venue hopping and what fun it has been.  I have made new friends, listened to new performers and seen some amazing venues.  LOL though my landscaping at home does need some help still and I have two empty parcels at The Shore I have not figured out what to do with yet.  Run pretty much out of Lindens tipping venues and performers, so I am making small tips and apologizing.

Now somewhere in this blog I have to stop and cook.  I have tried something new that is teaching me  gourmet cooking and trying foods made in ways I never would have thought about.

Okay I am way behind so expect lots of venues and lots of performers.  I started on the 31st of July. at Ecnad....seeing Chad Tostada for the first time.  He is must see.  Watch those events for him.

Chad Tostada at Ecnad 073115

I stayed for Dee Timeless, I have not seen her in quite a while.....She put on a great show!
Dee Timeless at Ecnad 073115 
There is a story to this next one.  I had talked with jorrdan Jarman because his performer Lee Winegarden had said that he wanted to participate with Stand Up 2 Cancer.  Jorr then gave me the profiles of all of the performers he has.  I had never heard of them yet Jorr assured me they would want to participate as well.  Great new.  I still wanted to see them.  Looked up in events, they were all there  AT THE SAME TIME DIFFERENT VENUES, I wondered how many I could fit into one hour.  Off I went to Club Zydeco where that was answered for me.....Only one performer because I was mesmerized by Cryptic Harmony...there was no way I was leaving.  This woman is amazing.
Cryptic Harmony at Club Zydeco 073115

I called it a night after that and started again on the first of August.  I saw quite a few that day.  Starting out my favorite Kickin ( I truly miss Guthries and B&B's this early in the morning)

At Kickin I got to see three performers, Chief Blaisdate, the lovely songbird Thera D, and another one I had never heard.....again knocked off my feet by Downunder. Vince Ruissatel is another performer that is new to me  and sl is giving me some great talent to to lately.  LeeAnn Wollfgang was also there.  I was just stuck at Kickin until rl took me away.
Chief Blaisdale at Kickin 080115

DoownUnder at Kickin 080115

Thera D at Kickin 080115

Phillip Maura at Kickin 080115

Vince Ruissatel at Kickin 080115
LeeAnn Wolfgang at Kickin 080115
RL pulled me away for a bit and when I got back  A good friend was performing and I had not been to one of shows in quite a off Greased Lightning I went to see Hogan Baily.  Hogan is an amazing performer.  One of the best in country music.

Hogan Bailey at Greased Lightning 080115

Now that you have a novel....I will cover the next couple of days, in the next blog.

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