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Friday, August 21, 2015


I knew I was never going to get them all into one blog....So here is the rest of the venue hopping.  August 14th turned into one venue after another, it was truly a such a fun day!  I started out with one of the few venues that has a line up early in the day, also one of the friendliest venues on the grid....Kickin  where I got to hear the lovely voice of Jade Berry.
Jade Berry at Kickin 081415  
I headed home and when a good friend im'd me asking if I had heard Wolfie Moonshadow....Of course I had, I was also given the opportunity to meet this gifted man when I attended a Nashville Jam.  I also have not heard Wolfie in quite some time, so I was off to The Mean Disciples Horde.  Wolfie did not disappoint, better than ever!!!!
Wolfie Moonshadow at The Mean Disciples Horde 081415
After seeing Wolfie I headed back home.  The one thing about this parcel on the mainland, I am so used to having my own sim, being able to terra form as I see fit and better yet changing the terrain.  I can't do that on the mainland, and well some of the terrain does leave a lot to be desired,  So though I have tried a million things, I finally used the landforms from Studio Sky, and I am much happier with it.  In between venue hopping I have been trying to get this straightened out.  At times it has been frustrating,  So when I need a break from it is time to check events. Later that day, I headed to Nashville's Music Row to see the very talented FunkyFreddy Republic.
FunkyFreddie Republic at Nashville's Music Row 081415
From there I went on to see my favorite Texan at Ecnad Nation....Mamaa Saiz and to my enjoyment he was dueling with Beth Odets.  One thing that always touches me beyond any words, so often I have had a special song different songs from different performers.  Mamaa surprised by remembering my favorite song that he always played for me.  That means so very much to me.
Mamaa Saiz & Beth Odets ar : Ecnad Nation 081415
It was time for a break for a bit so I headed home and went afk.  When I returned I( headed to one of the most wonderful venues on the grid...Island Dreams, Seaside Lounge.  Maverick has a wonderful venue.  While there I got to see three of my favorite performers DominoEffect, Max Kleene and Parker Static.  What was extremely mesmerizing about this particular night, it was the first time that Parker and Max dueled.  I have seen Max dual with many and it is always great....but I have to admit when Max and Parker dueled it was magic.
Dom atIsland Dreams "SEASIDE LOUNGE" 081415

Parker & Max at Island Dreams "SEASIDE LOUNGE" 081415 
That was a lot for one day and it was time for me to call it night.  On the 15th, I did not do nearly as much but I did head over to Godfathers later in the day.  Slider, Jac and Whispers run a another fun venue.  I got to see my friend Phil Setner and then Collin Martin.  On nights like that I am in heaven. 
Collin Martin at Godfathers 0891515

Phil Setner_ Godfathers  081515

The same friend that had asked me about Wolfie asked in I would like to go see someone I had not seen before.  When would I ever turn that down?  I love hearing performers so off I went to the Rooftop Club and Shops to CrisCovers and Evee.  What a treat this was for me.  I look forward to seeing them again.  We stayed for the next hour as Evee became the dj for the first time, she also did a great job.
CrissCovers atThe Rooftop Club and Shops, 081615
I spent the next couple of days fighting with the landscaping and helping venue owners for Stand Up 2 Cancer as well as putting my own line ups together.  Then yesterday I stopped by Trickster Sound to talk to Kay for a few minutes and she gave me a heads up that someone I had not seen in a long time, yet he always sent im's when he could just to let me know he was thinking of me.....Strummer was going to be there.  That was all it took for me....My feet were firmly planted to the ground.  While waiting for Strummer I got to here my friend Laidback Celt
Laidback Celt at Trickster Sound,  081915
Then the Vinnie show!!!!  What a great day it was turning into.
Vinnie at Trickster Sound,  081915
Then it was time for the man that introduced me to sl music and the first performer in sl to ever sing my favorite for me....giggles after I asked that he learn it....and then he did so well with it.  To top it all off he remembered it was my song and played it for me again.  I am just a sucker for remembering the small things like that, many of the performers do and each one touches me that they remember without a request.  Strummer though will always hold a special place in my heart.
Strummer at Trickster Sound,  081915  
And guess what----I am caught up AGAIN!  Have a great time until I see you again.

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