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Saturday, August 1, 2015


I haven't forgotten you, I have been around moreso the past few days then the past  couple of weeks.  A very special friend that does not make it into sl very often was actually here for two full weeks.  We filed his vacation with a little bit of everything.  Saying goodbye was difficult but knowing whenever he got the time he would be back, it helped soften the goodbye.  While he was here, I made an amazing discovery.  For as long as I can remember I lived on my sim.  I found that I liked living elsewhere.  Here I come mainland.  I moved to where I have a large corner lot right on the water and just within a short ride to the Blake sea.  I love it!  The only thing wrong with living on the mainland is the inability to change the I have been laying lots of grass and made a beach  thank goodness for Skye Land forms and Kidd grass.  Just as I was finishing up landscaping it was time to organize Stand Up 2 Cancer 2015, but more about that later.

On to the venues and performers I have seen.  Wait one second, I have a very close friend and well established venue owner that loves to hear about what I am doing in rl as I am writing.  Chuckling, this is for you, though I shouldn't as you are not stopping on a Chicago to pick me up as you head overseas on vacation.  I worked out for a good hour after visiting a venue this morning, and now am removing the curls as they have grown out and it is time to straighten them.  Jotting this down before I head for the neutralizer.

Now here goes the good part:

On July 11th I got to head over and see one of my all time favorite performers, Collin Martin.  If you have not heard this man, I suggest you check events and get over and see him, he will quickly become a favorite of yours.  I was able to see him at  Eclipse Lounge a great venue in itself, having many of the best in sl perform there.  Seriously though I adore Collin, now I could be biased because he always plays one of my favorites for me, the song I took my name from.  LOL you did not think I was creative enough to come up the name Still all by myself, did you?
Collin Martin at Eclipse Lounge 071115

We were also privileged to hold the amazing rl jam held in Funky Freddy's barn on the 18th at Bs's "Bring A Friend & Stay Awhile".  That was great!  A ton of fun and had my sl vacation buddy Kaj there with me, he had never been to anything like that and had a great time.  Max Kleene, FunkyFreddy Republic and Voodoo Shilton having a great time with each other and allowing us to share in it.  Plus I truly miss my venue being open on a weekly basis, so special events like these are just wonderful to me.

Max Kleene, FunkyFreddy and Voodoo Shilton at BS's 071815

On the 25th, I got to do a little more venue hopping and headed over to Kickin always a favorite and fun venue.  LilMiss and SctsSafe have a great staff and together they they make every single person there feel at home and as if they are with old friends.There I was able to catch a performer I think very highly of Reallymad Morpork and stayed to listen to MusicMan.  I had never heard him before and I was not disappointed....he was awesome.

Reallymad at Kickin 072515
Musicman at Kickin 072515

Last but not least, lol there is no such thing as venue hopping for me without at least one stop my very good friend Max Kleene.  So I was able to so on the the 26th as I headed over to Seaside Lounge.  Montana has one of the very best venues and I love her to death....the Quadradix were playing....what a treat!!!!!
The Quadrix at Seaside Lounge 072615
Well after spending a great birthday with Kaj my 2 week vacation is up, and as much as I will miss him until the next time he gets a break, it is time to move on and get going......I know you all have been waiting for it.  I have the im's to prove it.  STAND UP 2 CANCER ......Remember this is the beginning of the end of cancer.

On a note to my wonderful friend, curls are gone and hair is stick straight I need to get a small trim....that process can do a job on the ends.

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