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Monday, April 4, 2016


I know I have been a bit MIA again.  I had a week of doctor appts and scans.  Great results!  The radiation worked.  The mass shrunk, it is still there but significantly smaller and no longer in the severe range.  A couple of the lymph nodes were also shrunk.  Of course with all good news there has to be a bit of bad, the scans now show my left mastoid getting hit, but still too small, so I am a watch and see person again.  The same with the rest.....they can't do radiation on the bone marrow etc....and we all know no chemo for me.  Which brings up the MIA from last week.  The meds on the failing organ stopped working.  It was reminiscent of when I almost ended up in a coma and I closed BS's for regular events.  This time though I recognized the signs, so meds were doubled up on right away.  Two days of fighting it with double meds left me a bit wore out but all is back to normal now.  While I was MIA, when I wasn't fighting sleep, I was able to do some venue hopping...and getting ready to line up the prom.

Throughout the month of March, my wonderful friend Inara Pey. Many of you have read her work in the publication-- Inara Pey - Living in a Modem World  ran an exhibition at Art in The Park also with kiosks for Stand Up 2 Cancer, She is keeping the kiosks up.  

Cecile Schnyder organized a great fund raiser on March 26th, Singing For Hope that benefited two amazing organization; The Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Disease and also for Stand Up 2 Cancer 

Pmann Sands at Singing for Hope 03-26-2016
Cecile at at Singing for Hope 03-26-2016

Keeba and the Tinies at Singing for Hope 03-26-2016

LuvofMusic at Singing for Hope 03-26-2016

Me at Singing for Hope 03-26-2016

Mimi Carpenter at Singing for Hope 03-26-2016

Mirella and Aeon at Singing for Hope 03-26-2016

Russell Epoynm at Singing for Hope 03-26-2016

Veronica Weksler at Singing for Hope 03-26-2016
What an amazing line up!

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