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Saturday, June 4, 2016


Now that the prom is over, and oh I apologize, I need to correct myself.  I should have emptied this apartment on May 30 and put my things in storage until the 13th when I move into the new place.  Well I just could not allow my son to load and unload all this furniture onto a truck by himself, so we decided to wait until the 13th when my brothers will be here to help and just do it in one trip.  This is a bit like camping but with a roof over my head.  Everything is in bins and boxes.  Believe me I am counting the days until the 13th.  Plus it will be wonderful to see my brother on the 12th and 13th, he is driving in from Nebraska to help, what a huge heart.

So while I am camping out in the old place, I had a chance to get out and headed over to Cafe Musique and visit my good friend Laya while listening to some amazing performers.

Bronze8020 at Cafe Musique 060316
The first performer was Bronze, wow what a performer, I loved listening to him, and when he finished loved debating with him.  He is not only talented but a also a very well read individual and I look forward to more conversations with him and also listening to him.

I did not have any intention of staying and wanted to get to more venues, but there was such a good line up at Cafe Musique and such a fun atmosphere that my feet became glued to the floor.  Stayed there while I got to listen to the awesome Dimi.

Dimivan Ludwig at cafe Musique 06032016
 Though I was listening to some amazing music after Dimi was done, my eyes were not on the monitor as I was also catching up on blogs....I looked at the screen and saw no one around me....chuckles they had all moved over to the other stage at Cafe Musique,  So turned my hud onto pause and walked over to join them, where I was able to see the absolutely amazing Vinnie.  If you have never been to a Vinnie show I have to say it is a must see.

Vinnie at Cafe Music 042816

To my dismay, rl reared its ugly head and took me away.  When I got back, I worked on the amusement park.  It is back and up and running......8 roller coasters, games, bumper cars, go karts and lots more.  Between all I have going on at the sim I love making it a place for the world to come to and just have fun. 

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