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Saturday, June 4, 2016


I thought before I went on to tell you about the prom and then unfortunately some very sad news, I would first catch everyone up on the venue hopping that I have been doing or on many days not doing.

Wow I just looked at where I left off and I owe you the month of May....okay sit back in your chairs and relax I have some writing ahead of me.Starting with the beginning of May, I have a confession to make.  I have become a "groupie".  I have gone and done something I never thought I would do, I became really close to a performer, actually most of you know him as DennyMac and a member of The Quadradix.  Mind you I am not complaining, it is just not something I have done before.  Since then we have partnered and due to rl obligations, his regular manager had to step back and so I am doing it.  But me managing,,,I will be the first to say I am not a great one....sheesh I have not managed since Taunter's early days...and one disliked unnamed performer.  But due to my "groupie" status You may see more of The Quadradix and DennyMac than ever before.

 The Quadradix at Origen's Hollywood Bowl 05012016

The Quadradix at Seaside Lounge 05012016

Lyndon Heart at Seaside Lounge 05012016
After the Quad was done at Seaside Lounge, we stayed long enough for me to see my old friend and Starbucks buddy from a previous jam, Lyndon Heart.  Lyndon brings such a great party atmosphere and so much talent it is always so much fun to hear him.

I had asked Carol Greenwood about the possibility of doing a Quadradix show on May 14 but to make it a surprise birthday party for DennyMac as his birthday was the 13th.  That is when Carol slipped and told me that she had the same birthday.  I also knew that Max's birthday had been on the 11th.  So one surprise birthday party turned into a surprise birthday party for three.  Without Calley Inglewood, Ben Cleanslate and Desi Cleanslate I don't know if we would have been able to pull it off, and I can't forget Jenna Dirval, she im'd me to tell me that Carol would not be there and she was filling in for was that darn stuff called rl again.  I had to confess to Carol.  but you know me always an idea spinning around.  Carol sent me some full size body pics of her and I put them on prims and Carol was there standing around the venue and on stage.  The best part was that both Max and Denny were completely shocked and surprised by it.  Everyone had a great time and I hope its a birthday party they will not forget soon. And Carol, I will remember something to make it up to you.

Carol's spirit at the party 05142016

What a fun birthday party 05142016

What a fun birthday party 05142016

The Quadradix at the 3 way birthday party

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