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Saturday, June 4, 2016


This has taken me two days for it is truly the hardest post I have ever written.  This week the Second Life Live Music community has lost two very loved people, within a day of each other.  The news of each has truly rocked the entire community.

Brandy Maltas aka Kalli Birman second life, lost a battle to cancer.  Though Brandy and I go way back years and usually in disagreement over some points, she was always no matter how much we disagreed,  professional about it and it usually left us agreeing to disagree.  Brandy delved into the many things in sl with her entire heart, whether it was managing, blogging, setting up a an event, or reaching out to help others.   

No matter what, I knew she was fighting the fight of her life and yet so young with younger kids to care for.  As a single parent, the one largest fear we have is what happens to our kids if something happens to us.  Brandy lived with that fear and I know she fought with everything she could.  From everything I have seen by following Seth Regan's posts is that first how very fortunate Brandy is to have such a wonderful friend in Seth.  He has also set it up so that we all have been given a way to help Brandy's children.  Let me put that information in here for you.
 The best way for me to say it is not with my words but with Seth Regan's so with his permission here is what he said:

As you probably know by now, Heaven gained an angel yesterday. Brandyleaves behind three children. She did not have money. In fact she struggled just to get by. Believe me when I tell you, she had it rough but I did what I could to help her family, I know others who also did. Yet, she gave of herself unconditionally, to help others, to do what was right. Well, SHE was right, in so many ways, and she was a representation of so much what is right in the world.
With her loss, right now her kids are going through this incredibly difficult time and I'm trying to help them to be strong, to be ok and this means trying to help in whatever way I can. Her youngest is not much older than my own Aden. In fact they often played together online.
Many of you offered to help with some kind of Second Life memorial or event in Brandy's honor. I appreciate it, but I don't think I can do that right now.
What I can do is thank you all for your offers to help. What is really needed now is to raise a bunch of money for her kids, for home bills, food, and for Brandy's final expenses. I thought of a Crowd Funding thing but they all take a percent and to me, that is just money wasted... money her kids need.
So I will ask all of you. If you are in a position to help, and to avoid any fees and deductions, if you are able to make a donation, I will offer my own PayPal account so I can be sure every last penny gets to the kids.
I would like to raise at least $10,000 USD to help them. This would take some of the pressure off them, at least for a few months.
Please do what you can. Every little bit will help. I will keep you posted as to how much has been donated.
Rest easy Brandy, they’re not alone. I miss you and I will always help you. WE will help you!

The Second Life live music community was also hit with another large loss this week.  For those of the have had the opportunity to attend a Doofus and Pan show, you are well aware of how very talented a couple this was.  I knew that Doofus and Pan had stopped performing as much due to health reasons.  I was not aware of how bad they were until recently when an event had been organized to help them with some of the many expenses that those health issues brought on due to the medical issues,  Shocked when I woke up on June 2nd to see that Doofus had passed from cancer.

My heart and prayers go out to both families.  It seems that I do not know the right words, if there is such a thing, to say to ease the pan.  My one condolence is that both Brandy and Ed are no longer in pain.  They each showed such strength and fought the battle as hard as they could.  Take some time and remember them in your hearts.  Each of them has touched each of us in so many ways, let that be the ways we remember them and keep their memories alive.

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