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Thursday, September 11, 2014


Though I am still in the WOW stage, and I still do not the right words to tell you how much you have affected me with the support, the generosity, the compassion, the strength I have seen.  Last night, I was in tears.....joyful tears....well actually I cried like a baby....but a very happy baby.  thinking this is how they feel when they win Superbowl except I'm not going to Disney World.

I have to tell you that right now I am taking break, something hit me with full force today.  As many of you know, the doctors made me stop working in 09.So it has been quite some time since I have had a need for excel.  This computer though it is about a year and half old (I love it because I obtained it from the manufacturer so no added software bundles, but it was their first pc that had i7 and I never want slower again, I had Nvidea put on but not Office thinking I had no need for it.  Tricked me!  Today when I got home from the doctor I got office.  Another WOW Excel has changed even more.  I have yet to figure out how to transfer from sl to excel so I am doing it probably the hard way.....copy paste.  Sunday had just under 2000 transactions.  After 14 pages of transactions, I heard a beep in sl and thought ....good time to take a break.  Talked to a venue owner that has become a very good friend and we had talked about different things that as a team we could do.  Actually there are two other venue owners that I will be working with closely in the future as they both want to continue with things, In the meantime while I get this paperwork done, she wanted to make sure she was in the teams group.

Now I am going to yell at you a very nice way.  You have overwhelmed with the thank yous and the congratulations.  I adore each and every one of you and appreciate with all my heart all of your kind words.  On that note though, I just had an idea, planted a seed, pestered everyone to death and used my organizational skills.  It was every venue, every performer, and every fan that did it and made it so very successful.  Without each of them, I would have just been a person with an idea.  Soo the nest time you go to any of these venues, Accoustic Cave, Broken Heart Cafe, Cameo Music Park, CeSoir, Elite Sounds of Jazz, Guthries, Hotel Chelsea, Kickin, LC Live, Mountain Cave Club, Party Beach Kurhaus Scheveninge, Pink Duck, Place of Grace, Seaside Lounge, Smokin Aces, Surgside Hideaway, Solana's Place, the Dirty Grind, The Keys, Tanquil Cafe, and Tricksters Sounds....say thank you to the venue owners and hosts.  They all put together some amazing line ups.  I, myself, tend to be a bit biased.  When I see people give of their time and their hearts, it makes me want to visit them.  To get to know them.  For a couple of reasons, not only do they support live music in SL but they also support all of the things we each care about so deeply.  Those are the people that I want to know, that I want to visit, that I want to support, that I want to tip.  I would only hope that you show them the same.  Besides, too many times we get stuck in a corner.  it is easy to do.  I have to stop myself from doing that.  It is easy to spend all my time at a couple of differnt venues and my own.  Then I realize all that I am missing,  You know me well enough to know that I love going to all the different venus, meeting the venue owners, appreciating their visions in a the build they created.  Through it all I have such wide array of friends,  And I would not trade any of you in for anything.  Giggles, though I did not include BS's on that list, I do love seeing all of you.

Now I am off to finish the copying and pasting of of Sunday.  Laughing, quite obviously I have gotten over my speechless problem though I am still in the WOW stage.  Tomorrow after a good nights sllep, I will tell you about some of the really fun things that went on this month.

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