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Saturday, September 6, 2014


WOW is the best way I can think of....seriously, we have done so much together ...... I have been so touched that tears have flowed....but never have we done anything of this magnitude.  Never have all of you so very wonderful people just left me speechless.  You have done just that.  I keep searching for the words that will truly convey how very much I love this community,  there are not enough words to tell you how much each of you means to me and just how amazing a community this is.

Thinking of the highlights of my day....I did not have my venue going today so I tried to pop around to as many as possible.  If I did not make it to yours I am truly very sorry.   Giggles you can blame Skye Galexy.  Out of a clear blue sky, he im'd me to tell me he was performing at LC LIve.  Those that know us, know that Skye and I go back to his very beginning in sl, I was the first venue ever to book him.  Mind you I take no credit.  My friend Yip Jennings, the performer sent me an in with a stream and told me to drop and listen.  It was Skye.  He was booked by me right away.  He holds such a special place in my heart, and I have not seen or head him in a very long time. So today's im stopped me in my tracks and I headed right back to LC.....gotta get there before the sim fills.  Skye and I talked for a little bit and I asked....he said he he was just going to hang out with some friends and saw the blog.......Thank you Jessica Lyons for making us Firestorms Message of the Day. 

Thank you all for sending me pictures I will be including them the series of articles I am writing as well as a presentation that is being made for this.

Racer, Wow once before I attempted to attend a snails race and my old computer could not handle it as well as this one looked amazing from the spectator that adventurous side of me wants to try actual racing.  If you guys are not familiar with RacerX Gullwing, you should contact him.  He holds the most unique snail races.  It is so very cool.  and when he is courageous enough to let this clutz try I want to learn how.  Today he held it at an amusement park and I was amazed watching them.  I will be getting the pictures from Wildstar and posting them.

Now I just went to get the grand total so far and noticed the Broken Heart Cafe was still going.  I popped over and listened to the end of Truli Lionheart's show...and got the grand total. 

Drum roll please..................      L$1029255  

We have one more day a head of us with some absolutely amazing line ups.

I am inviting every one to the close of the fund raiser Sunday night at 7pm with the Max Kleene Band

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