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Thursday, September 11, 2014


I am finally finding words to address this past weekend and month.  I still can not believe that we raised so close to $6000 USD, and still raising.  I know that myself and one or two other venues have opted to keep kiosks up, so the transaction report will continue to have donations added to it.  I also have a list as long as my arm of names of people that want to do more; builders, designers, etc.  I refuse to do anything else until after I speak with Stand Up 2 Cancer.  I do believe that people prefer knowing exactly where their money is going and not vague answers.  The transparency and accountability is so very important.  Too many people do things in misleading ways, taking advantage of things that others are so passionate about.  So as long as I am the one doing this, you will always be able to see each transaction, and each transfer of funds.  If we were to grow, a monthly balance sheet showing all transactions and any expenditures (if ever needed)  would also be published monthly.


There are not enough thank yous in the world that would begin to cover it all.  The music community has always been such a wonderful community with such huge hearts, so very passionate, it is overwhelming.  I have seen some things that venues have done this past month.  Performers gave so much of their hearts and time.  There was a beauty in watching venue owners put together some amazing amazing line ups.  There are a few that things that happened that just stick in your mind, it shows you just how passionate venue owners are.  BS's, LC Live, and Guthries all changed their land to show that Stand Up 2 Cancer was what they were doing and you did not see their logos.  As much as I tried to get to every venue, I could not.  There may have been a few more that did as well.  Some venues changed their group and performer tags to reflect that they were standing up to cancer.  At least one venue owner I know felt so strongly about it that he kept a full line up every single day, even scheduling a day off of work knowing that he would need to catch up on sleep.  I watched venue owners truly step up and help other.  They did not even know each other in many cases.  If a venue had a cancel, a couple of venue owners would start working on it right away.  Another venue owner had rl pop up and was unable to be here.  Two venue owners went over to meet her and take her place ensuring that everything was handled correctly per her venue policies.  What a I was able to witness was a beautiful thing.  It was a team event.....with a team mentality.  There is no I in team and they worked together to accomplish all that they did.  I was lucky enough to make some very good friends that are looking to move forward together.

Smokin Aces gave out shirts they made. Solana's place made shoulder pets that were given out.  A close friend of mine made a beautiful memorial clock that was given out with a specific donation amount.  Solana's Place also made ribbons that were put up with every donation.  She tp'd me over so that I could see her place filled with ribbons.  Then she was kind enough to give me one to use.  I took it one step further and added a hover text script so they could be personalized with a loved one's name.  I shared it with LC Live.  and we spent Sunday putting up ribbons with specific amount donations.  I don't know what LC Live looked at by the end...but BS's seemed to have ribbons everywhere.  There were so many going in during the last performance of the night, and the closing of the fundraiser that I know I owe quite a few the clock and ribbons.  I promise you I will be getting them out to you.  I need to use the transaction report to make sure no one was missed.

I asked for pictures and was getting them from everywhere......thank you soo much especially to Wildstar Beaumont, you had made it a point to go to so many places and utilize your amazing photographic skills.  I will be giving these pictures to a friend to put into a presentation for Stand Up 2 Cancer.  Photos

Another highlight for me was attending the Snail Races.  RacerX Gullwing put together snail races in the the most darling amusement park.  and brought in quite a few lindens himself.  Someday, clutz that I am will actually trying racing.  Though that will probably be more of a comedy than a race.

Venues whether the line up was small or large, one day or three days, You guys did an amazing job of coming together, supporting each other, and truly making a difference...I am so proud to be a part of this group of people.

There is so much more to tell about ....especially the performers.  This one is long and my body is still playing catch up, so it is nap time for me.  I will write more this evening.

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