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Sunday, September 21, 2014


Finally things are slowing down   Thank you's are being delivered to every person that made a donation in the Stand Up 2 Cancer fund raiser.  I have heard back from Stand Up 2 Cancer, they so appreciate all that we have done and I will be talking with them more things we can do to give them more exposure and fundraising efforts to support the work they do in finding the cure for cancer.

While they are being delivered I thought I would do some venue hopping.  Starting out at Dionysus Symposium, I got to listen to Quartz, an amazing voice.  If you haven't heard him, wow you need to. 

Yes, I learned something new.....giggles now when I venue hop, I can make a link to the venue.

I know that I have overwhelmed performers and venue owners with schedules and note cards, requests for performers, hosts, etc.  I will say that we received approval on August 5th and less than a month later had a monumental event put together.  Thank you to all each of you that understood, and tolerated it.  Out of 150 performers only 2 complained and one rather rudely and had me remove them from the the communication tool that was used.  One of the two them read me the riot act when he actually received a thank you for his donation.  Sometimes, I just shake my head.  Thinking it is time to go find a venue and listen to some music.....giggles I Know I will not be listening to him any time soon.

Off I go to a favorite venue -- Little Mary's to hear the amazing Noma Falta.....and just relax...

Yeah all of the individual thank you's are out.

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