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Friday, September 19, 2014

Started the day at Guthries after I got all my events for the day entered...Listening to Andydennis Enchanted.  I have never heard him before, but saw his name on the SU2C fundraiser schedule.  I was very pleasantly surprised.  He made working on the last page of the SU2C spreadsheet and my accompanying headache sooo much easier.  Got a great voice and also so personable.

On to Kickin where I got to see a ton of friends, congratulate my cuz, and listen to the amazing voice of Vincent Carpathea thanks to LL now known as Acoustic Rhapsody.  Wow what a voice.....I could listen to him for hours.  While I am listening, back to the spreadsheet.  This is an amazing man to listen to.  I stayed while drowning in numbers to listen to Jerry Sinclair.  Another really great performer.

Then comes the moment when you realize you are working on the page and have to back all the way out to go to the correct page and start all over.......chuckles this last page may be the death of me yet.  Catching up and getting pretty far, Time to move on checking events to see whats where.

Woohoo....I think I am done with the last page....gonna walk away from a bit....come back with some fresh eyes....see if there is anything I missed and then I should be able to publish I can move one with thank yous.  There are so many...I have noticed that so many performers, fans, and venue owners have visited and donated other venues.....this is truly a community working together.  So very inspiring.

Fresh eyes showed that I missed two individual donations....fixed them and it is complete!!!!!

I will confess, I needed a break from looking at numbers and needed to focus on rl.  I am back today...perched on an inner tube and found out that SL has limited the amount of lindens that can be sold....a limit of $ it looks like tow sellouts one today and another tomorrow.  What a process.  I do not like PayPal so I have not used it since we did the fundraiser for Rodanthe NC when the hurricane hit it so hard.  That means that everything had to be updated....lots of fun.

Now I am working on the list of all the people that donated so that they may receive a special thank you.

I would like to get this all done before I I have to check into the hospital for a procedure later this month.

                                  TRANSACTION REPORT FOR SU2C SL MUSIC

On to thank yous the fun part!

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