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Friday, September 5, 2014


I am sitting here dead tired after a very long day, but also so filled with a love for Second Life Live Music performers,venues and fans.

So many of the participating venues have changed their land textures to Stand Up 2 Cancer for this event.....I have been in awe and so inspired by them.  I still have performers that are asking me to find a place for them.  It goes beyond that though.  This is the first year that Stand Up 2 Cancer has had anything done in Second Life.  We are not half way through it yet as Saturday and Sunday are packed with performances yet tonight as I am writing this we are finishing the second day of our Stand Up 2 Cancer fundraiser with L$515725.  think about that it is roughly just over $2000 USD.  Every single penny of that is going to research.....for Stand Up 2 Cancer is where the end of cancer begins.

Many of you know that I am the kind of person that thanks every person that works on something personally.  I tend to feel that there is nothing truly personalized if you are just one in a long list of names.  Well, this is most definitely causing my thank you list to grow and grow.

There is no describing the the feelings that all of you give me with your dedication and determination, the opening of your hearts and wallets.  I am keeping a note card of names of those that are unable to make it to the events and sending me their donations.  I am hoping tomorrow to have the time to ensure that the transparency is there so that donations can be seen and documented.  that will be posted to the web.  Most of you know how I feel about transparency and credibility.

All I can say about today is that you are the most wonderful people I have ever known, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to be a small part of of this amazing community.

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