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Monday, February 24, 2014


I am hoping you all had a great weekend.  Here it was a blamy 13 degrees at times....but you know those warm spells this year seem to lead right into toms more snow.  What started as 1-3 inches, has turned into 4-8.  Then everyone wonders why I have a snowman with knives sticking out of it and the words Doe Winter Die as my profile pick on my FaceBook page.  Chuckles, I swear I am not normally a violent person.

My first stop today is Runaround Sue's.  It is strange but I have never been here and WOW what a cool venue!  This place is made to have fun .  Here is the slurl:

Today Balladeer is here.  This is my second time hearing him.  He is completely awesome.  If you want a great time, watch for him in events, every second is soooo worth it!!!

I have decided that since I can not seem to upload pictures on to my blog (you know I am technically challenged) that I can at least give you the slurl of the venues I visit.

On to The G spot for the block party....and Wayne Davis.  This is truly becoming a FUN afternoon.  Wayne Davis is a definite must see in SL.  Got me turning my speaker up and out of this chair and dancing!!!!

The G spot slurl:

There is most definitely a downside to this venue hopping.  Many of you know that I am getting close to really missing the venue so very much.  Here is the downside, my venue has always been and will continue to be a paying venue.  I have always prided myself on having the best in sl there...but now I am finding that list is growing so much.....and wondering how much my wallet can absorb.  For I thought I knew of all the best, but I am finding more and more of them.

This is such a fun venue that I am going to hang here for the next performer......the one and only Gangjo Mokeev.  Wow it has been so long since I heard him.  I thinl the last time I heard him, I was so impressed, that I tried to book him for BS's....unfortunately out schedules did not mesh.  Giggles see how easy it is for this list of performers that I would want at BS's to just grow longer and longer. 

Oh no I just realized I have to go back to Runaround Sues'....forgot to tip the venue.  Chuckles as you can tell, this is my own reminder.  You know that age and blonde is such a dangerous combination.  Though I think that I have been using that excuse for years.  Even back when I was still working, if I walked through the building, I would get hit with questions, and would give that excuse then so that they would email me their questions.  It worked, and allowed me to stay focused on what I was doing at that point.

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