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Thursday, February 6, 2014


First thank you to those that I have im'd with your support and your comments of being proud of me for finally having the courage to say what others have long thought.

Yesterday I was able to have many of my questions answered.  Though I am not a tax preparer or CPA, I have held the position of treasurer in rl for other non-profits, so I am so well aware of how important transparency and accountability is.  That is something we do not see in Relay For Life of Second Life.  On that note, if anyone has questions as to any one's ratings by the Charity Navigator you should take the time to look for yourselves.  Here is the link:

This is where I learned that due to financial....American Cancer Society only has 2 stars out of 4, and a score of 46.75 out of 70.  The organization that I admire so much actually falls under the Entertainment Industry Foundation because as a foundation they do so much more than just Stand Up 2 Cancer; their scores are 4 stars out of 4 stars and 61.34 out of 70.  If this is something you are truly interested in, their methodology for their ratings is in there.  If you are like me, you can become a member (it is free) to access even even more information.  That is where you can find the actual tax filings of each organization.  I kind of chuckled as I went over the tax records and realized why the grant that each organization gave to the lung cancer dream team of Stand Up 2 Cancer, made so much news.  At no point in the tax records of 2012, did I see that the American Cancer Society gave that much to any one program.  For a change I could finally see where the money we raised goes.

I would suggest that each of you, no matter what organization your passions lie, check out this site.  As with all of us, we all want our money to go exactly what we donate it to.  This is one way of ensuring that the organization you are thinking about is doing just that.  If you find that it isn't, there are many many other organization that are truly using their fundraising dollars exactly where they are telling you. 

I am off to look up Child Advocacy Centers as that is the organization I started a grassroots organization for, and where my passions truly lie.

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