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Monday, February 24, 2014


There is no other excuse for being so behind in posts. Thank you for tolerating me.

I am back on track....Starting the day at -- of course my favorite venue for coffee -- Guthries.  Rico Dee was performing and the first time I have heard him....another wow.....this guy is amazing!  So very relaxing with such a smooth voice.

Guthries :

While I am sitting here enjoying him, I am going to copy and paste something I put on my Face Book page.  It impressed me so much that I wanted to share it:

Yesterday I was still recouping from the long day before, but I have to share this ..... Many of you are aware of how much I support Stand Up 2 Cancer. I support them because of the complete transparency as well as the fact that I am assured that every single dollar I donate goes directly into research and not CEO salaries, or mailings, or the many other excuses that other organizations give as to why all donated money does not go to actually solving the problem. With that being said, SU2C, I am sure has overhead but it may be handled with partnerships as there are some rather large partnerships behind them.... On the note of partnerships, I saw something the other day as I actually parked the car and took the subway (L) (Metra) downtown. In the Chicago land area we have a rather large chain of banks...Fifth Third Bank. I do not know how widespread this chain is, I do know it covers most of Chicago land and suburbs. Fifth Third Bank has a campaign for SU2C....Open a checking account and they will give you $150 to open it (a common practice with banks) but they will also give Stand Up 2 Cancer $150 for each new checking account. What impressed me the most on this is the partnership, but also the fact that every train in and out of Chicago was literally covered with these signs. I saw them and all I could say was WOW. 

For those of you interested in learning more about this amazing organization and the work they are doing, I am including the link...I am also including a link for Charity Navigator....a nonprofit watchdog of sorts so that you can see where this and any other non profit that you are thinking about is rated.

Okay now I am rolling from laughter.  Another mailing from The American Cancer Society.  This time a letter apologizing for the frustration I have gone through trying to opt out of mailings and thanking me for contacting the Better Business Bureau regarding it and to please now give them my feedback.  So there we have it!!!  The real way to opt out of receiving things from The American Cancer Society......using the Better Business Bureau when they refuse to honor wishes.  Hoping this is the last mailing.  But I am leery, my daughter's sorority and the Greek community at her school has formed a team and I wanted to donate for my daughter....hmmmm does this put me back in the cross hairs of their mailings.  I may call and see.  

Back to great things like Second Life Music, which allows us to forget organizations with poor business practices.

Joe Parvane is performing now.  Joe is great to listen to!!  Awesome blues!!!!

I have to give this woman a ton of credit.  Many of you know Twinky Waffle.  Twinky is a wonderful friend and also a hostess at Guthries.  Twinky did something I have never seen before.  It is brilliant.  I watched her greet people and one time she welcomed someone to Guthries and asked for their ticket, then kept going with something to the effect of.....wait you don't have one because this sl and music is free in SL so remember to support the venues that bring this music.  Now that is not her exact words.  Hers were sooo much better, but you get the general jist.  

I love listening to Joe Parvane........!!!!  If you haven't heard him, you need to.  The guy is great.  He has some absolutely amazing originals.  

Chuckles just looked, this is getting to be another one of those long blogs.  So I will end it now and come back when I visit the next venue.   But not moving from this spot until Joe is done!!!!

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