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Saturday, February 15, 2014


Just when I was thinking time for some venue hopping, as I looked through events I noticed that there were a great deal of events at formal that means a trip home to change.  Most of you know I am soooo fussy about clothing, so after I finally decided on a gown, and hair, jewelry and shoes (about 30 minutes late) I headed off to Smooth, I had not heard Mavenn.  Again blown away by a voice.  It is amazing when one takes the time to think about how much talent is in Second Life.  It is good to also see my friend Maebh Jewel, the owner of Smooth.  This is a venue that has been around for at least as long as I have.  My suggestion....if you love hearing wonderful voices that have that angelic sound.....If you see Mavenn on events, make it a point to go see her, you won't be disappointed.

Got the speakers on....chuckles time for hair.  Actually got to get it done tonight, tomorrow getting together with cousins, so no procrastination this time.  Terrytoon is up next with Blonde.  I will stay here for half the show and then change to another venue.  Terry and Blonde are a great couple, and I love listening to them.

I went on to The Gilded Lily at the Aloha Beach Community to listen to another completely awesome friend Jean Monroe.  Jean is also a sl jammer, if you have not gone to one you should at least get to one.  You will find the people are even more amazing when you meet them!!!

Ohhhh staying to hear another friend....Becca Baxton!!!!  This is a night of listening to some very amazing women.  On to Music Machine "Live" to see another absolutely amazing performer and another that I have not heard in so long....HammerFla Magic.  Hammer is a great performer and entertainer.  The venue is beautiful.

I realized something while I was talking to Slider, the owner of the Music Machine; that I miss not having the venue directory.  This thought has crosed my mind a number of times.  I have been visiting many new venues and some wonderful old ones as well, there has always been that need for one central place just for venues.  I think when I return tomorrow...or sometime between then and Thursday, I will put one back together.  If your venue was included in the old one, I will contact you to ensure that everything is updated.  Lets see--thae memorial is back up, Stillwaters Meditation is back up, the venue directory looks like it will be on its way.  It will only be so long and I will miss them both so much that the venue will be back and the amusement park.

Unfortunately on Thursday I will be back down at Northwestern.  Going back to when I lost my hearing in the one ear last July, after they had done, the headaches that I had been plagued with for years stopped.  Earlier this past week, they were back.  Off to the dr again.  This time though, I refuse to allow them to find one more thing wrong.  I do believe the lymphoma is enough.  They are no longer alowed to find anything else.  Ignorance truly is bliss!

I have heard from many of you about the Charity Navigator link I gave out in one of the last couple of blogs, I am so glad you have found that site to be helpful.  I depend on it before I do anything for a non-profit now.  I will never again lead you or ask you to do something that is not fully transparent and accountable.  Many of you have come to me and told me it was not my fault, there you are wrong, it was.  It was my responsibility, just as it is the responsibility of anyone that leads people to be open and honest and to be as knowledgeable as possible.

Giggles, for those that like hearing my exploits of getting things done while I am venue hopping, you will be glad to know that I got my hair done, blown dry and everything.  To be honest I love the feedback in emails and im's that I get from you.  Though for the person that told me they were so busy reading the blog that they were late to work.....chuckles, I promise it is not going anywhere and will be here when you get done working.

Until next time...hugs to each of you.

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