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Sunday, February 2, 2014


Last night I was able to get the Gold Mine and see both Johnny Paramour and a woman that I truly adore Chillee Hernandez.

Chuckling, those that know me, know that naturally I have very curly hair....if you are friends with me on fb and take a look at my oldest child's curls....well she got them from me.  About every 6 months I straighten it and that is a time consuming I turn on the speakers and off I go to a venue to hear a performer while I am doing this.  Today's first stop is Frank's Elite.  Always a beautiful venue and their hosts are some of the nicest....  I have been in other venues with dress codes and seen the hosts eject someone for not adhering to the dress code....before that happens here, the host explains in local and then offers a suit or gown which ever the case may be.  Today I am listening to TheBalladeer for the first time.  Amazed he is doing songs I have not heard in years.....and along with the smiles he is giving me comes a flood of memories from much younger days and out dancing in rl.  Wishing him the very best of luck as he auditions for America's Got Talent.  I checked out his website as well.....besides what he was doing in Franks, he blew me away with his country style on his site.  I am always amazed when I see a performer master a few genres.  He has!!! **A special note---he made it through the first three rounds today and will keep us updated as to the next step.

On to the buddy BubbaC John is performing.  His shows are always so much fun.....makes it hard to leave the monitor to take care of hair.  I got to see my very good friend Mara Menges......I have to say that she does have the most beautiful sim ,,,,I love  completely love The Titanic.  And Bubba....hmmmm...someone that reads my blogs and it was so apparent as he brought tears to my eyes....but then chose to humiliate me by getting me back on the stage and having me dance to quite a medley of songs.......  SL would not be the same if Bubba ever left.  It would truly be a giant loss to SL.

I headed home after Bubba and just chilled so I could get things done in rl.

Good morning....Bright and early I grabbed my coffee and headed over to Guthries to hear my old friend Gandalph Mornington with his set dedicated to a Pete Seegar, truly a lost icon to the music world.....though his music will live on.   Bring on the memories!!!  Accompanied by wonderful Pete Seeger stories.  I have always said that Guthries is truly the best place on the grid to have that coffee in the morning and start your day out right!!!!

Tonight I headed over to Acoustic Cave.....what a great crowd  It should come as no surprise though, two of the best in sl were performing.  Hazie Moonwall followed by Hogan Baily.  Both shows are so energizing.  Both men so very talented.  I don't seem to get to many venues in the evening, but I am so glad that I did tonight. 

I would like to thank so many of the team.  The im's, emails, and notecards that you have sent me lately.  (True no one has stepped up to lead for an RFL team this year)....but the support, the backing, you have given me has been so overwhelming.  Those that have expressed thanks for being able to do what others only felt in standing up to RFL.  Your faith in following me,,,,wow all I can say is that I am truly touched.

I have also been given some ideas by other venue owners that have preferences as far as non-profits so I will talk with them and see if there is a way that we can make a difference with them.

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