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Thursday, February 6, 2014


On Friday night I started out at P4 listening to Sam Soundful.  Sam was dualing with Abriyanna Slade.  Wow she has an absolutely wonderful voice......  Then I went on to VEGAS NIGHTS LIVE MUSIC, JAZZ & COUNTRY VENUE  and listened to a double dose of awesome male performers.  Hazie Moonwall followed by Gary Jonstone.  The venue was packed with wonderful old friends.  After having a wonderful time I had to head for rl for a while.

Saturday evening.....I changed into a gown and headed to WOW...Windows On The World Ballroom.  This was my first time here.  It is a beautiful ballroom, but then I snuck a look at the about land and was both touched and inspired by what this ballroom stands for.  The best way for me to describe is just to copy and paste the description. "Windows on the World was a venue on the top floor of the World Trade Center. When destroyed in the attacks of 9/11, the staff was serving breakfast. All 72 staff members  perished. This venue pays tribute to these individuals and all the others who died."  I also want to head back there as on the land there is a memorial to 9/11 as well.While there I also heard a performer I had never heard before Lynne Michigan,  a wonderful voice and extremely talented pianist!!!   I will look forward to seeing her again.  Here is the slurl:

I was gong to move on after Lynne but then Kiran and Ang showed up.  Ang is following Lynne,  It has been way too long since I have heard him.  It was an absolutely wonderful performance.  So very beautiful and sooooo much fun.  I was able to see people I have not seen in so long.  What a wonderful time it was.

Sunday morning....before football festivities start, I headed over to B & B's and saw my old friend bundy.  Bundy is such a very special woman to me, sooooo strong.  I was also able to see another performer that I consider a good friend.  Laidback Celt.  The one thing that being captain of such a great group of people has given me is the opportunity to leave the small group of performers that performed at my own venue and spread my wings to meet and get to know such a wonderful community.

I would have left B & B's but the next performers , well one was new and the other I have not seen in years.  Bara Johnson.  Such talent!!!!  I don't know if rumor is always true, but one rumor that I have heard over the years is that Bara is one performer that did get an rl recording contract out of Second Life.  Now he is in world on a limited basis with one of his rl band performers...Free Balen....she has such a strong voice.  It was truly a treat to see Bara and Free!

This past year has been an extremely sad one within the music community as we have lost so many of our own.  Many if you are aware of the memorial that is housed on The Shore.  This is for loved ones lost to cancer as well others surviving and/or battling it.  Bundy did give me Shan's photo to include in the memorial today.  Though one of the saddest days was when I had to take a pic that was given to me of a relative that was battling cancer and had to move the picture to the viewer of those lost to cancer.


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