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Thursday, February 6, 2014


It has been a while since I posted a blog that really got people to thinking, I hope this does.

I was just invited to join another group set up for live music venue owners.  In this one it is more in the way of changing the ways that venue do things so they are hmmm whats a better word....I can't think of one so lets go with cover charge.

In FB I saw a thread that talks about all performers and venues uniting for one universal calendar versus events.

I am part owner of a group that is set up strictly for venue owners and sharing of information.  Though I have noticed that most of that is all about griefers names.  I have seen many other groups set up to do the same thing.

I have been involved in the live music community for almost 5 years....yes I was in sl for a few months before I became involved.  In this time I have attended meetings with both performers and venue owners.  Sometimes to promote one person's personal agenda and others because they truly have the best for the community as a whole in their hearts.  Either way I stand back and look at it and think to myself to myself....what is the definition of insanity.  Does doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results sound familiar?

Ultimately that is what I see happening.  Every one's group is so important because they offer information....giggles the same information as the next group that believes their group is the best.  Until ALL venue owners and ALL performers can come together in agreement, it will never happen and we will continue to run a vicious circle.  So why are we doing it?  Really all we need is a central location for griefer's names to be entered.  Then it is up to the venue owners to stay informed.

The reason that everyone will never all come together is simple.  This is sl, venues and performers come and go.  That and every one thinks they know the answer, when really none of us do.

This is an observation!

Now on that note, if people would like a central location for griefers names I can do that.  It is easy and I do not work.  Just let me know.

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