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Monday, February 24, 2014

Tonight I was at home....and gasp...not watching the I thought I would do some venue hopping.....Headed over to Smoken Aces and saw my very dear friend Taunter Goodnight.  This woman has a voice that will completely blow you away, and also one of the nicest performers I know.  She is one of the first performers I ever got to know, enjoyed a couple of months as her manager, and got to meet her at the Nashville jam.  Taunter is such a wonderful person.

While at Smokin Aces I also was able to see old friends.  I have stayed to myself for so long that it does this old heart good to get out and see friends again.  Gandalf was up next. so I stayed and listened to him.....soooo laid back.

On to a new venue for me....Zippers Hangout.  I have never been here before,,,,but Bill473 is singing.....I know you have heard me talk about him before.  Ladies, I am telling you his voice is like our need to hear him.

I stayed to hear James Carden a newer performer to sl, and a ton of variety.

Off to another favorite Sherie's Gaslight Live.  SherieAnn has had this venue for as long as I can remember, and one of the first venues I had visited when BS's was just an idea forming.  Sherie/s is always packed and one of the venues that gave me some of the guidelines I had about starting a venue.  Sherie always has the best performers in is a great deal of what has led to her success and keeping her venue packed.  Tonight I am listening to Paul Knowles, another long time performer in sl and right after him comes the one and only Trysten Homewood.

Okay, I confess I took a couple of days of but I'm back venue hopping.  I spent some time cleaning out landmarks and will finish later....First stop Guthries....

Today I went to a venue I had never been to,,,, NorthCliffe Coyotes to see my old but very good friend Max Kleene.  As always, the place was packed and of course the sim crashed.....Hey its a Max show....its understandable.  This is the performer that leaves no question as to why he won so many Avi Choice Awards.  Max is probably the most liked performer in Second Life.  I adore him and I know so many others do as well.

Cool Jamz On Clouds, another new venue...and wow I loved it.  Trixie Breguet was performing she is another performer that I have not heard before. 

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