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Friday, April 8, 2016


Yesterday I had a chance to see one of my oldest and dearest friends, Max Kleene.  I have been too long with a Max fix, And I got to see him at a brand new for me venue.  The Spin Club.  Another amazing venue, owned by Marvin Hammill.

Max Kleene at The Spin Club 04052016
Today, after I finally got caught up with sending out the Stand Up 2 Cancer information to that group, I have to admit, I truly learn so much by doing so.  It makes it so that I have to click on the links to get the information.  That makes me read it and I have been able to learn so much.

Now that I have branched off, once I got that done I did some venue hopping heading to Sweet Sins of the Islands.  /when I saw White Tigers as the sim I was expecting to land at Stone's sim, but instead I found Sweet Sins....and WOW!!!!  It is set on top of a waterfall so with the glass floor you can see the waterfall right under your feet.  sweetjc, a friend of mine from last year's Stand Up 2 Cancer fund the owner of this venue and she has out done herself.

While there I had the opportunity to listen to MillTycoon.  He is so very talented, Writing and performing his own music....I adore pianists.  When Mill learned I was putting him in my blog, he also gave the the link to his new album  -- Place Very Central --

MillTycoon at Sweet Sins

After I had a wonderful hour listening to Mill, I had the opportunity to hear another friend that I got to know better during last year's Stand Up 2 Cancer fundraiser.....toorealsom.  Toorealsom is another very accomplished pianist.


Tooreallsom at Sweet Sims 04062016

 I went on from there another friend's The Gspot.  I was able to see one of my oldest and dearest friends Phil Setner.  He did the song Still Tangled Up in You for me.  Those that know me, know this is the song I took the name still from.  It happened by accident.  One though day I had typed in Still into the You Tube search, I was looking for Still by Lionel Ritchie and still tangled up in you came up.....I fell in love with it and long before SL I adapted the name still.  Phil performs that song so beautifully.

Phil Setner at The Gspot 04062016

Though I meant to publish this on the 6th....well we all know I can be such a procrastinator.  Its now the 8th and yesterday I did not to make it to many but I did make it to The Kickoff Club owned by two wonderful people Rob and Maggie.  I did drop a hint that if he made his tip jar more Packers related I would tip the venue even higher, something tells me that fell on deaf ears.  I had headed over to the Kickoff Club to listen to Terry Laidback.  I had never heard him before and left the venue I was at before he took the stage.  I was so impressed.  Brand new to Second Life, but not to performing he has been singing for a long time.  My suggestion is to watch events and when you see him in there, go and hear this guy, it is so worth it.

Terry Laidback at The Kickoff Club 04072016

While at The Kickoff Club I got to see Toorealsom again.....he is truly amazing.  but I may get him a Packers jersey and helmet to wear when he plays at The Kickoff Club. (not that I am biased or

TooRealsom at The Kickoff Club 04072016

My lindens are way down until next week so I was debating on venue hopping today, decided what the heck and found a Grand Opening of Portland's Place.  New venue, new performers, right up my alley and away I go.  I have to admit it is the first time in a long time that I have visited a new venue and truly felt welcomed by complete strangers.  It is pretty such a country venue but the owners were on the stage when I arrived Belinda and Tim Portland.  Belinda was singing and not only is she good she really took me back in time.....I was like WOW I love this.  Tim also performed and another great country singer.  I have to admit, Canada gives us some amazing performers.

Belinda and Tim Portland at Portland's Place 04082016

I stayed during Bigtex Cuddihy talking with Belinda and finish up this post so I can actually hit publish.

Bigtex Cuddihy at Portland's Place 04082016

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  1. Thanks so much for stopping by our Grand Opening. You are more than welcome to stop by anytime.
    Hope to catch up with you soon
    Belinda :)