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Sunday, April 17, 2016


A good frine of mine, had to take an  rl weekend out of town, yet wanted everyone to know that the venue formerly known as Elite Sounds of Jazz is reopening and thier grand opening with a whole new look and a whole new name is Elite Classic Moments.

What a line up to look forward to!

Grand Opening Elite Classic Moments - April 23rd 2016

Owner - Foxhaven2000 Hecht

    The Elite Sounds of Jazz- Re-Opening
11:00 AM    DJ Pilou Joubert

12:00 PM    Somewhereintime Jupiter

  1:00 PM    Phil Setner
  2:00 PM   Chandra Deed
  3:00 PM   Bill1465 Tigerpaw
  4:00 PM   Nina Bing
  5:00 PM   Miss Cast
  6:00 PM   Samm Qendra
    7-9   PM  DJRay Little 

Soi mark your calendars!!!!!  I know I will be there to some some favorites as well as some I have not had the opportunity to hear.

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