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Monday, April 4, 2016


As I headed out to do some venue hopping the other day, I am noticing many new venues with the majority of them being ballrooms requiring a dress code.  Now that is fine by me as I adore the gowns that are made by places like Azul, Wild Orchid, Mona Lisa and Sonji; it is almost a guarantee that if you see me in a gown it came from one of those places. It just so happens that I was not dressed for that type of venues that day, but I was able to attend a couple more.

I started at The Waterfall Ballroom.  The original Waterfall Ballroom was also on Isle of Mists and holds many memories for me.  Vic used to take me every Sunday, and together we were named Prom King and Queen.  It is where i got the idea for Prom from.  The sim also holds other special memories for me, but much of that has changed in the past few years.  The Waterfall Ballroom is back even more beautiful before.

The next stop was The Grove Country Club Estates, owned by Crito Galtier Thanks to my friend  Hank Correia and his partner Kimmeria, many of you know her as the owner and designer of  Tres Beau Designs, The Grove country Club Estates Venue is also gorgeous.  l than the first.I did get a chance to hear a performer I had never heard before, Lhiannon Lancaster. Oh my gosh, she has the voice of an angel.  If you have not heard her, watch events and catch her first chance you get.

Lhiannon Lancaster at The Grove Country Club Estates 04/02/16

I stayed for the next performer The Pink Vampire and that is when I witnessed what I have so many people mention on Facebook.  A performer that was completely prerecorded.  The only time I could not bring myself to give a tip.  She did not even attempt to log in when she crashed.  No interaction with the audience no promotion of the venue.  I questioned her about it.  She told me she will never do that and only uses prerecorded tracks.  I had heard this was happening and now I actually witnessed it.  I guess she takes the live out of Live music.

It is with a heavy heart that I have to say Rest in Peace Clarice Karu, truly one of the finest voices that has been in sl.


  1. I had heard about this but I wasn't sure it was true. Personally, and I do mention this at my shows, I just don't understand why ANY performer would not only cheat their audience but themselves doing this. It's lazy and honestly speaking something they should be ashamed to do. I can safely say that EVERY show I have done in the past over 6 years has been LIVE, and will always be LIVE. Rest assured that I and my team will continue to condemn this practice, as it is destroying the Live Music scene in SL.

  2. I attend a number of different performers and appreciate the variety and talent we have in SL. I stumbled upon your blog & appreciate your taking the time to highlight performances in SL. However, I feel I need to take umbrage with your opinion on Pink Vampire's performance lest it be misconstrued and disillusion new, would-be performers. As far as continuing to stream even when crashed- surely you know that streams are independent of the avatar. There is no reason she couldn't continue singing. There could, however, be a reason she couldn't re-log. I think putting the music ahead of the "performance" was a valid judgment call. As much as I appreciate a good "show", its the music I come to hear. I've been to a few of Pink Vampire's concerts and know that she only prerecords the background traks (which I heard her say that she records her own background vocals). I've heard her laugh & respond to conversations going on in local chat while singing and have to conclude that she DOES sing the melody line live. "Pre-recorded tracks" are common for those who don't instrumentally accompany themselves, and I think it is showing more talent to use one's own recorded background traks than "buying" someone's canned traks. All this to say, I'm thankful to have the opportunity to hear performers like the Pink Vampire in Second Life, and hope other new talent will join the wonderful music community in SL and not be put off by your definition of "live".

    1. I reread your comment, and yes I agree with you on the crashing yet keeping the stream going. If she has in fact interacted and promoted the venue at other times than I am so very glad to hear that. When she spoke with me it had to do with her also performing for other things and things like promoting the venue or interacting would take away from other audiences.

  3. Actually I did not base that on her performance but rather from the conversation we had later that day. Before I wrote anything, to be sure I knew what I was talking about, I went into my archives and reread the conversation. I apologize if you did not agree but I was going on what she told me not as much as the actual performance.