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Sunday, April 17, 2016


Finally I am truly getting back into the venue hopping.

I started out at The Bellagio of New Las Vegas.  The name alone got to me as it one of the nicest places on the new Vegas strip (beaten only by The Venetian, my personal favorite)  So off I went.  It is a beautiful venuue.  Unfortunately, after speaking with the owner this was their last day.  This venue had from my understanding had done things differently than I had heard of in the past, this is not to say as it is done at other venues, I really do not know.   Turns out the general manager was paying for the the performers, true she received in return the venue tips  and other things, unfortunately a venue is an act of love and having a paid for performer venue can turn into something very sostly.  I have seen many try to offset costs by doing a number of things.  Usually, again my opinion when you see venues all hooked together it is simply because the original vision became too costly.  I have seen many venues go down to just a couple of days a week.  I have watched so many that have done many things to many offset the costs.  I would give my eye teeth to get a good general manager (no they do not pay the performers and pay the manager very geneourously  , I will do that) so theat BS's could reopen.  I would want it to get it back to the 5 days a week of live music.  Unfortuately, my health issues can jump up and surprise me and it makes it difficult for performers to be able to count on me when they rely on schedules.  That is so unfair to performers, and why I could use a general manager or two.  People that can be there when I can't yet also truly hold BS's to what it was always meant to be....the venue where everyone is welcome, and no one ever feels left out.

Ok I rambled.  Back to The Bellagio of New Las Vegas....this is a sim that I will be doing much more exploring on searching for The Venetian.  While there I did have the opportunity to listen to the amazing Denny Mac.  Denny is an amazing performer on his own and also a member of The Quadradix.  Denny did a perfect rendition of my favorite song....many of you are aware it is the song I got the name Still from.  Still Tangled Up in You by Staind.

DennyMac at The Bellagion 04152016
After The Bellagio, I went on to The Voodoo Lounge.  I stayed there the rest of the evening.  Amazing owners, a truly amazing venue and what a line up!!!!  Gibson, Hogman and or course my buddy Max Kleene.

Gibson at The Voodoo Lounge 04152016

Hogman at The Voodoo Lounge 04152016

One of favorite people Jolie Serendipty and myself dancing to Max at The Voodoo Lounge 04152016

Max Kleene at The Voodoo Lounge 04152016
What a fun night!  Though I did whisper to Hogman that me wearing a pig with headlights is out of the question...I am way too vain.

Watch for the announcements and your invitation to Prom 2016.  Everything is just about done....I have one spot left to fill in the after party.  Patting myself on the back, this is the third year running for Prom and the lineup is the best one yet!  As always you will be able enter and vote for the Prom King and Queen.  This year random gift certificates will be given away at the after party.  .

Many of you know that I do not really eat that much.  Half the time forgetting to eat....but last night I had this craving for chocolate,  Off to the kitchen I went....there is a huge batch of brownies made...only two are gone, but I am really thinking about making that three.  I will never finish them all so I am liable to make a neighbor very happy.  Have a great day.while I answer the call of makes a great breakfast lunch combo.

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  1. So happy to have reached you with your favorite song Still! I had no idea :-)