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Tuesday, April 26, 2016


This community has amazed me so very much over the years.  There is sooo much beauty in watching everyone come together, putting aside their differences;  to make a difference in the world.

This will be the third year that we are doing this in the fall.  Our first year was amazing 20+ venues and just under 200 performers in three days we raised about $6000 USD.  Last year we doubled it with 43 venues and well over 200 performers raising $12,000 USD in a two week period and dividing it evenly between the three countries that each have the Stand Up 2 Cancer organization---The US, The UK, and Canada.  This year venues are already committing, as are performers. Some, from listening to their enthusiasm, are ready to go for it and I almost feel as if I am disappointing them by telling them in the fall.

Here is the part that I do not like to admit.  The first year took a toll, last year took a larger toll on me, so in order to get a jump start on 2016 The lists for performers and venues, vendors, Art Galleries, blogs, etc. is well underway.  Please let me know if you are any of the above and wish to participate this year.  There are plans to make this the best year yet.   You can reach me in world....still Braveheart, or email

For those of you that may be not familiar with Stand Up 2 Cancer.  It is under the umbrella of The Entertainment Foundation.  Due to my own rl experience with 501c nonprofit agencies, and my dedication to transparency and accuracy, I make sure that ever single donation, transaction, etc., can be seen and tracked.  All monies are divided evenly between all three countries; the US, the UK, and Canada.  These three countries each have a Stand Up 2 Cancer in it.  As more countries form the Stand Up 2 Cancer presence within them, Our list of countries will grow.  Second Life is very diverse with residents from around the globe, so our fundraising efforts to battle a globally devastating disease should be just as diverse.

Stand Up 2 Cancer is very unique in their approach.  They form "dream teams" of doctors, many of which are the very best in their fields both in the US and internationally.  Now the part of Stand Up 2 Cancer that I admire the best.....100% of all donations goes directly to research.  I truly can not say that about  many 501c nonprofits, and yes I am the type that actually pours over their tax returns, not just what they promote.  So knowing that everything I donate goes directly to what I believe is where the answers lie, is the best that I could ask for.

I am hoping you can join us this year, If you are a performer, a music venue, a host, a designer, an artist.  Whether you can join us for an hour or for a few days....It is all of us coming together that truly make a difference

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