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Monday, April 25, 2016


I have been to more live events this past week than I have been to in awhile. Starting out seeing The Quadradix at Origins Hollywood Ballroom and Theater.  It was packed and twice I tried to take picture but unfortunately Max and Sabian never did rezz so I finally gave up.  We stayed for Singergirl after that.  I did get a picture then, but due to the lovely lag and the fun side of mesh clothing a couple of women came out naked so I thought I would stay on the safe side and not post them.

The 19th I headed over to Stargazer Cafe.  I was able to see DennyMac, and got to hear my favorite song.  No matter how many times I listen to him I am always amazed by how extremely talented he is.  Stargazer is such a unique beautiful yet completely relaxing venue.  If you haven't been there, watch events. 

DennyMac at Stargazer Cafe 04192016

I stayed to hear someone I had not heard in a very long time ..... TallGuy (and he is too).  another very talented performer.

TallGuy at Stargazer Cafe 04192016
Stayed for a while to watch an old friend, Strum Diesel.  Gotta love this man and his music!  Unfortunately, it was just about time to call it a night, so I did not manage to stay for the entire show...Looking forward to sing him again soon.

Strum Diesel at StarGazer Cafe 04192016
Back out on the 22nd, this time I had to get dressed up and headed over to Bogarts to listen to RobbieDowning, an absolutely amazing voice.  Wish I had known him before I had the complete line up done for the prom, I may have had to make one more spot.
RobbieDowning at Bogarts 04222016
I went on to see one of my dearest friends that I have not seen quite a while, it seems our schedules conflict (darn rl) Parker Static though my friend through and through, was someone that kept tabs on me while I was undergoing a medical treatment....she also has an amazing voice.  I can listen to her for hours, whether it is just her or when she duals with someone.  l got to see her at another venue I had not been to yet The Picadilly Circus.

Parker Static at The Picadilly Circus 04222016
Then back to Vegas and the Bellagio to see DennyMac.  I still have yet to take the time to explore this sim, I really should.  Maybe drop a bug in the owner's ear about the Venetian.  Wow if someone could in sl could come close to imitating that it would be a sight to see.  For those of you that have never been there....the lobby alone has a ceiling which well think the Sistine chapel it is so beautiful and detailed.  The gondola rides through one of the nicest shopping areas and the street performers all in costume as they would be in Venice.

DennyMac at the Bellagio 04222016

After Denny I stayed to hear one of the oldest friends I have in the SL music community.  It has been years since I have had the opportunity to hear him.  Joaquin Gustav.  Though he was suffering through a cold, he still managed to put on a great show.  Even playing a song he adapted to my venue, You've got a Friend" for the the name of the venue; BS's "Bring a Friend & Stay Awhile".

Joaquin Gustav at the Bellagio 04222016
I know this is getting long but its not over yet.....I did say I say a lot this week.

On the 23rd I headed over to Dragon Moon to see Twin Ghost.  What a beautiful venue.  Twin Ghost I have not seen in quite a while.  Oh sheesh, lets just face it....I have not seen much of anyone for a while, so it feels great to be back out hopping around to the different venues, seeing old friends, and making new ones..  Twin Ghost never lets me down....always a great show.

Twin Ghost at Dragon Moon 042320016

On to Key West where Voodoo Shilton and FunkyFreddy Republic are keeping the house jumping.  Two amazing performers individually....Together they are fantastic!

Voodoo and FunkyFreddy at Key West 042320016

After closing Key West down for the night, I went back the very next day for the amazing band The Quadradix.  What these four guys do there really are no words to describe it except for
WOW.  Now that I was able to get a pic---taken before they actually started and sim filled up...From left....Mas Kleene, Sabian Inglewood, Ben Cleanslate and DennyMac.

The Quadradix at Key West 04242016

Stayed for one more to end the week, Mr. Reggie Sunset.  Another amazing performer!  And then like the sunset in the background it was time to call it a night.

Reggie Sunset at Key West 042420016
What a wonderful music filled it was. The live music community of SL is truly the very best community.

Now if only I can catch up on the venues waiting to be entered into the directory.

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